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Life in Sweden
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Considering a job offer in Sweden
So much to research to do
3 alanschu 239 Today, 9:01
By: wallace183…
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Can i get work permit
i am from india
4 josenattun… 1,685 22.May.2018
By: Case offic…
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Where in STHLM can I get my fingerprints captured
I need it for the FBI FD-258 form
4 danthedog 747 22.May.2018
By: britainlog…
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Brew your own kombucha! I've got the SCOBYs
SCOBYs + brewing instructions
1 Possum2016 1,090 19.May.2018
By: alexandrat…
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Private Health Insurance for Personnumner
Ecuadorian/Italian looking for the right insurance
2 gargenzio 589 18.May.2018
By: tom50
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Wisdom teeth removal in Sweden
Oral Surgeon reccomendations
5 dotti43 626 18.May.2018
By: Svedallas
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Software Engineer with 20 years experience
What salary can I expect in Stockholm or Malmo?
3 SunShadowz 499 18.May.2018
By: Temp
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Pregnant in Sweden
advice for me
7 Lixzzbella 831 17.May.2018
By: nicola4444
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Working Holiday Visa -> Work Permit
Can you upgrade to a Work Permit while in Sweden?
2 Butter 1,955 16.May.2018
By: Case offic…
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Fitness trainer career oportunities in Sweden
Advice on moving to Sweden to pursue this  * 12
17 Mohamedkae… 7,672 15.May.2018
By: rex
No New Posts 7 Chalipa 1,407 14.May.2018
By: oddsock
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Buying a car in Sweden
European Buyer
0 cpozzer 304 13.May.2018
By: cpozzer
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Finding my way around the healthcare system
Private doctors, after hours clinics, etc.
11 RAFS 5,358 13.May.2018
By: Orwell1979
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Medium sized cities to settle in
City in centralish Sweden to settle in as a couple
1 Peyo 562 11.May.2018
By: Bsmith
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Hypocrisy in Sweden
Lets see the purcahse of Vibrators made illegal.  * 12
24 Savage 2,362 10.May.2018
By: Savage
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Pregnant with working visa expiring
what would happen next
6 dadica 2,889 10.May.2018
By: wallace183…
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Anyone work as a translator
And have a good relationship with an agency?
0 Essingen55 328 9.May.2018
By: Essingen55
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Bird watching in sweden
What garden birds have you spotted lately?
12 JonG 1,380 9.May.2018
By: Bsmith
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How to get coordination number
I have applied using a contract from uber eats
2 tauhid007 2,020 7.May.2018
By: Illusia
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Switching to online grocery shopping
Which one is the best?
1 anp 608 6.May.2018
By: rex
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Question regarding cancellation of flat
problems with new landlord
2 SomniumLG 864 4.May.2018
By: robbie1985
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Depressed since moving here
Dreading the year to come  * 123» 9
120 refresheds… 31,573 1.May.2018
By: frankly.sp…
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Problems with the post mail
Can't get mail delivered to my address.
12 aericson 9,158 30.Apr.2018
By: aericson
No New Posts 10 parrrmis 6,670 30.Apr.2018
By: robbie1985
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selling used books
Do you have any recommendations?
0 wonderer19… 1,578 29.Apr.2018
By: wonderer19…
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CSN for a Nordic Family Member
need assistance with CSN
1 isbjorn 1,237 29.Apr.2018
By: isbjorn
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Moving to sweden with an autistic child.
Looking for some advice and info.  * 12
16 vikingathe… 3,595 28.Apr.2018
By: vikingathe…
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Non-EU family member of an EU-citizen riddle
All fam member have PN but we are out of Swedens
4 festim81 700 26.Apr.2018
By: Case offic…
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School in Stockholm
Where can i learn graphic design in Stockholm.
1 Keverson14… 504 25.Apr.2018
By: isbjorn
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online shopping in sweden
looking for recommendations
4 grim_fanda… 5,680 25.Apr.2018
By: Dendanskev…
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