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A good bank for foreigners?
Pref. with an English customer service/online bank  * 123
42 Crocie 79,830 Yesterday, 12:16
By: wondering_…
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Virtual card numbers, chargebacks
Do they exist in Sweden?
6 RAFS 1,056 19.Nov.2017
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Opening bank account and Swedish ID card
With a Swedish personnummer
7 assie7985 10,157 19.Nov.2017
No New Posts 9 SkyeSong 1,166 16.Nov.2017
By: yet anothe…
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Swedish Price Comparison Websites
The bills keep on coming...
12 MrHappy7 43,662 14.Nov.2017
By: martini115
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Sole Trader for Self-publishing
filing and tax help please?
2 skinandbon… 453 29.Oct.2017
By: ChocOwl
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Registering as self employed in Sweden
While not being Swedish
7 Swedudette 1,146 25.Oct.2017
By: Cheeseroll…
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Expert tax for foreigners
Possibilities of tax reduction
9 tubbs 8,117 21.Sep.2017
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New bank account
Doing an internship near Stockholm
2 Bassiq 1,091 14.Sep.2017
By: Bassiq
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Capital gains tax?
Liquidation of uk ltd company
3 RKH 1,859 7.Sep.2017
By: sandon
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Tax deceleration while working abroad
Do I need to declare my income from abroad
1 afada 860 6.Sep.2017
By: Essingevik…
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Starting an AB company
Do you really need 50,000 SEK
6 hoodrat 1,640 6.Sep.2017
By: sandon
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Buying a house in Sweden while I'm working in DXB
Working in Dubai, mortgage to buy a house in swede
1 afada 2,719 6.Sep.2017
By: afada
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engångskatt - One time tax
How much do you really pay?
5 IndianInSt… 1,453 4.Sep.2017
By: IndianInSt…
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Taxes on Bitcoin trading
Bitcoin tax help
1 umers 2,094 19.Aug.2017
By: riemann
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Repaying loan early
Just a question
4 Xilin 1,536 19.Aug.2017
By: hatim
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International Tax Advice
Employed in Sweden, rental income from UK
3 boggstanda… 1,509 17.Aug.2017
By: boggstanda…
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opening bank account
studying swedish language course
3 hawre14 2,533 15.Aug.2017
By: boggstanda…
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Salary in London vs Stockholm
Evaluating a job offer
7 MinnieLou 2,746 26.Jul.2017
By: Mib
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Cash Money! Moving to Sweden
Buying a Car and Home Furnishings
1 iamthestie… 1,529 23.Jul.2017
By: hatim
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Help with salary breakup
(Regarding tax liability of allowances)
11 BPlus 2,901 20.Jul.2017
By: yet anothe…
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Getting help with taxes for United States
Income, Options, Shares, and Aktiebolag
0 quickq 1,465 9.Jul.2017
By: quickq
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Capital gains liability for non-residents?
Do you need to pay tax in Sweden or the UK?
1 JoannaD 1,451 7.Jul.2017
By: TLSucks
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Sending money to UK
Looking for best exchange rate, minimum fee
6 bilal 1,891 30.Jun.2017
By: Mib
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Mortgage loan advise!
taking a loan while on maternity leave?
1 N38 2,098 28.Jun.2017
By: LLHope
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Loans for newcomers
Any options?
9 Andrey Kis… 9,836 27.Jun.2017
By: Cenk
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Taxes on pay/Swedish Status
Thanks for the help
0 SmokerT69 1,855 18.Jun.2017
By: SmokerT69
No New Posts 9 Cenk 8,510 17.Jun.2017
By: Cenk
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How to sell 2nd-hand stuff in Sweden
Paying insane Blocket fees isn't my thing
3 toddysho 3,878 8.Jun.2017
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 17 Bra_billie… 17,176 1.Jun.2017
By: AsrDNA
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