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By: raoul
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Migrationsverket deportation rage
salary, insurance, vacation, then what?  * 123» 96
1,428 wallace183… 168,556 Yesterday, 16:40
By: john.boy
No New Posts 9 Conglomera… 275 19.Jul.2018
By: hatim
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Minimum pay rule while in parental
Soon going in parental
6 maggi 180 19.Jul.2018
By: Case offic…
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Sambo/Student Visa Application processes
apply for Sambo visa first or student?
1 empett 60 19.Jul.2018
By: good_luck_…
No New Posts 18 cyang1983 24,274 18.Jul.2018
By: Anget
No New Posts 1,234 HiSweden 382,570 18.Jul.2018
By: good_luck_…
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Processing time for Incomplete applications
Submitted additional information
0 sudnars 86 17.Jul.2018
By: sudnars
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American Trying to Start a life in Sweden
Question about legal adult/dependent  * 12
21 FleurDeLis 869 17.Jul.2018
By: Cheeseroll…
No New Posts 4 saurabh 213 15.Jul.2018
By: hatim
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By: hanmaltkvi…
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Those of you who applied for an sambo extension...
...after not staying your whole 2 years in Sweden?
0 gruenberg 88 12.Jul.2018
By: gruenberg
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By: daniel7
No New Posts 7 daniel7 479 5.Jul.2018
By: akaash
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Maintenance Requirements for Spouse
6 months apartment contract
2 activityx 628 27.Jun.2018
By: activityx
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Contracting (hourly rate) on work permit
Can one get a work permit for this?
2 RAFS 308 26.Jun.2018
By: Darina
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sambo permit extension ( waiting time)
how long does it take for you?
1 lisawinter 447 23.Jun.2018
By: carmijoon
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Work permit under asylum
asylum to working permit because the situation
0 abriloanan… 265 22.Jun.2018
By: abriloanan…
No New Posts 11 RRR-3 890 18.Jun.2018
By: Darina
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Visa process in Sweden
Possibility to get dependent visa in Sweden
4 Priyanka 686 17.Jun.2018
By: Svea.alan
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Change Work permit ground category.
WP into Dependent Visa
1 NitinJain1… 307 17.Jun.2018
By: Svea.alan
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Reason and wait time for working holiday visa...
Trains planes and automobiles
0 csprv 104 17.Jun.2018
By: csprv
No New Posts 10 lund 743 14.Jun.2018
By: SmokerT69
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Can I Come Sweden to find Job having work permit
Applied for spouse permit online
3 Jenny3006 343 14.Jun.2018
By: hatim
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Perminant Residence Permit - Sweden
Maintanance requirements
2 sai538 419 13.Jun.2018
By: maggi
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What happens if you quit right after permanent re?
Will you lose permanent residency by quitting?
4 Conglomera… 469 12.Jun.2018
By: dr_MadGeek
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A 100% guaranteed way
To get permanent residency
2 the_dome 601 11.Jun.2018
By: the_dome
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Change job in first 24 Months in Sweden!
Joining an Employer before WP start date
10 mrsam 575 11.Jun.2018
By: mrsam
No New Posts 10 the_dome 537 11.Jun.2018
By: wallace183…
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Hold Valid work permit but no work from company
Thinking of applyinng Dependent visa
9 Jenny3006 515 11.Jun.2018
By: hatim
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