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Planning to apply to a University?
... and speak fluent Swedish?  * 123» 8
108 Puffin 239,519 22.Jul.2016
By: Pouya.Tige…
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Help with swedish grading.
British system school Yr 10 to Yr 9 Swedish System
0 Razzak 72 23.Sep.2017
By: Razzak
No New Posts 1 suziecream… 71 23.Sep.2017
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 2 Dingi 2,550 21.Sep.2017
By: ChocOwl
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Applying for universities for study
when i am working in sweden
1 Vinnie 56 21.Sep.2017
By: ChocOwl
No New Posts 7 hesper83 3,691 18.Sep.2017
By: gameharves…
No New Posts 0 Markolio95 66 17.Sep.2017
By: Markolio95
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Good grades to apply to University?
Do high school grades matter much in Sweden?
2 FiachraHol… 206 11.Sep.2017
By: Svedallas
No New Posts 1 Jaana'… 278 8.Sep.2017
By: Case offic…
No New Posts 0 Andreamk 236 7.Sep.2017
By: Andreamk
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Master degree in nursing in Sweden
Getting through the Swedish system
2 Hachimaki 501 22.Aug.2017
By: Hachimaki
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Nursing course at the University
Anyone with an experience or tips
0 kate 404 22.Aug.2017
By: kate
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Which Master`s Programm to choose?
Need your piece of advice
0 Daryna 526 14.Aug.2017
By: Daryna
No New Posts 0 lanhuong 625 8.Aug.2017
By: lanhuong
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Studying finance part-time
after getting a masters degree in science
2 good_luck_… 3,334 26.Jul.2017
By: riemann
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Second round of university admissions
No change in results, I'm still in reserve  * 12
23 gregorsams… 13,600 25.Jul.2017
By: Tenwang
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Learning to teach in Sweden
Can I study in English?  * 12
16 anonali 11,225 23.Jun.2017
By: mese.endri…
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Student Permit application
What do they want
8 Kitteh 2,067 14.Jun.2017
By: Sinjanthu
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Undergrad studies - behöriget question
Phd not included towards eligibility?
1 Johnny51 1,320 13.Jun.2017
By: the_austri…
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Resident permit for admitted students 2017
How long till a decision is made
4 Bhadbwoy 2,786 11.Jun.2017
By: Bhadbwoy
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KTH Applicant 2017
Hi everyone, new user here!
0 Hey! I… 2,514 17.May.2017
By: Hey! I…
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Planing to study an undergraduate degree (Swedish)
Take a year learning Swedish to study?
2 Grop 2,745 13.May.2017
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 2 Kitteh 2,835 11.May.2017
By: axiom
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Part time work with coordination number
1 years masters student part time work
0 wirefire 2,956 9.May.2017
By: wirefire
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Merit Rating 2017 - Sweden MS Applicants
Selection Groups & Results  * 123» 137
2,051 Netsec 309,223 6.May.2017
By: Jeevan
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Swedish Institute study scholarship
First step results out
1 Mugarura A… 5,172 4.May.2017
By: EmelieBroc…
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Swedish Institute Study Scholarship
How to increase our Chances
1 Mugarura A… 6,412 4.May.2017
By: EmelieBroc…
No New Posts 2 pebbletots 5,002 4.May.2017
By: EmelieBroc…
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Merit Rating 2016 - Sweden MS Applicants
Selection Groups & Results  * 123» 64
957 jaduka1 358,763 27.Apr.2017
By: kedarpaulw…
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Merit Rating Bachelor's 2017
Chances of getting accepted ?  * 123
32 laabbellz 26,321 24.Apr.2017
By: Hey! I…
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