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Posted by: Cojoncillo 16.Jul.2006, 01:22 AM

Hej there! I am a Spanish girl living in Goteborg for a few months now and working my a@@ saving for university here in Sweden. I am going to start a Master´s degree and the tuition fees are free so no worries about that. BUT my boyfriend who is Swede told me that i might be eligible for the student support that the government gives to students every month, since i am paying my taxes and such.

What do you think? i am NOT counting on it, but i wonder if it´s true that i could apply and how much it is they give and such...

thanks in advance!!

Posted by: Aneud 16.Jul.2006, 01:30 AM

If you are speaking of CSN -which is a loan not exactly "support"- then it all depends on how long you have been in Sweden for, as I understand it. If I am not mistaken they expect you to have been in Sweden officially for at least 2 years when you apply for CSN. I'm sure your boyfriend can translate their eligibility requirements from the site for you.

Lycka till.

Posted by: Irishmanabroad 16.Jul.2006, 02:58 AM

keep me updated on this one, im in the same position

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