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Is Uddevalla safe?

Asking about this town

post 8.Apr.2016, 09:31 PM
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post 10.Apr.2016, 10:58 AM
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It does sound bad - a triple murder in U'a, but I was in the town yesterday on a visit to Clas Ohlson, and life was just as it has always been, folk out shopping, people chatting in the MacDonald cafe, the traffic wardens keenly dong their thing.

OK there were a few beggars outside some shops, and signs of immigrants not having much to do other than stand around in small groups. But having been to U'a over many years, some 50 years, I would say that little has changed from the personal safety point of view that has not taken place elsewhere. Other forms of crime in the surrounding district take the form of DUI, not an unusual occurrance, and over the past few years, thefts of outboard motors from the marinas and harbours, canabis farms, and the inclusion of card readers in petrol station automats. Most of which is carried out by foreigners from nearby countries, and seldom are the locals involved.

You don't see people walking around often looking over their shoulders to see who is behind them, or even experience muggings. The town is not large,the surrounding country is agricultural,and what criminality there is, is mainly covert and nocturnal, not carried out by the locals, but by travelling gangs who are here today, gone today, back to their homeland with the loot. There are a few so-called road pirates. People who stop their cars, put the bonnet up and hope you will stop, then they almost force you to buy their 'gold' so that they 'can buy petrol'. Again, these are not locals, since they seldom speak Swedish, only bad English, and it is easy to avoid them - by simply not stopping.

The changes that have taken place, not only here but most places, are firstly the fall of the 'Wall', and secondly the expansion of the EUSSR with the subsequent freedom of movement. Latterly, of course, we have the influx of asylum seekers of various types, some good, some less so. But that is something that is happening almost on a global scale, so you cannot say that it is something peculiar to Sweden - or Uddevalla.

Generally speaking, the media are to blame for the pictures painted of places and countries today. So often what is a small occurrence is painted as a major happening, when in fact the people on the ground wonder where it is all supposed to be taking place, since they see nothing.

There is far too much generalisation, and many on these forums are guilty of such. Some of us try to bring about a balance and bring folks down to earth by painting a less radical picture of life, one of life as it really is, where we can.

Anyway, have a nice day, and for the OP - have a nice stay in Sweden and enjoy your time here. It is a good country on the whole, no matter what people say. There are others far, far worse.
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