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Relocating from Malmo to Stockholm

Transport gear myself or use a removalist?

post 20.Mar.2013, 07:27 AM
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Hi everyone,

I currently live in Malmo, but I am relocating for another job in Stockholm in a month.

I have accumulated bits and pieces of furniture, not too much, a couple desks, chairs, a lot of other electrical work equipment as well as all my other clothes and junk.

I'm wondering what people suggest for transporting all this to Stockholm. I'm thinking I might be best hiring a van/stationwagon and transporting it myself and dropping off the car when I get up there.

Has anyone done this? would I be wiser relying on removalists? Can anyone suggest any cheap rental places/removalists?

So many questions!

Thank you guys, this site is great!
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post 20.Mar.2013, 07:34 AM
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This depends on how much your time is worth. With the moving company, they pick up your stuff in the evening in Malmö and deliver it to you in Stockholm next day at a convenient time. Meanwhile, you take the short flight yourself.

There are plenty of moving companies, try Google for that.

The other option, it will be around 8 hours of driving in a larger van, plus a couple hours to load/unload it yourself. Then, either a drive back to leave the van at the original location, or you leave it in Stockholm and pay a somewhat significant fee to do this.

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post 20.Mar.2013, 07:53 AM
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car hire and a box trailer, some petrol stations rent out both. Or as said, hire a van. It might depend on how happy you are driving or reversing a trailer and access at either end.
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