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Moving to Karlstad and choosing an area to live

Advice on picking a neighborhood

post 4.Jun.2009, 01:38 PM
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The wife just accepted a job based in Karlstad. Now the arduous task of finding an apartment in the right area of town is upon us! We will be moving sight unseen so we are clueless of the town layout.

What I would like to know is, what areas of Karlstad would be considered Upper-Mid to Upperclass nieghborhoods or the more trendy areas , a good distance away from the University.

In a best case scenario we would have easy access to nature/walking paths for our dog, quiet surroundings, but close enough to the action.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Im just freekin ecstatic to be leaving Haparanda with my mind mostly intact.
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post 4.Jun.2009, 02:29 PM
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Hej Daz!

I'll ask my sambo as her parents live in Karlstad. They live in a really nice area overlooking a lake about 5-10 minutes drive from the city centre. There was a house for sale just down the road from them ...


The Black One
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post 4.Jun.2009, 05:22 PM
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That would be much appreciated "The Black One". There is only so much info I can extract from pictures of places.
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post 7.Sep.2009, 10:17 PM
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Welcome to Karlstad!

Have lived here since moving to Sweden almost 7 yrs ago.

We live in Våxnäs - about 15 mins from center of town, but I wouldn't say its middle-class or upper-middle as not really seen class distinctions here in Sweden only areas where there are flats and where there are houses - so I guess thats the distinction there. Those with money are in the housing areas whilst others in the flats.

If you want a neighbourhood with houses, schools, playgrounds, leisure activities, nature (woods, etc.) then Herrhagen, Norra Kroppkär, Skåre, Haga or there are some lovely properties along the Klarälven which runs right thru town.

Flats are all over the place - in the center of town and all the surrounding areas. Our part of Våxnäs has some lovely sized flats, but there is also a large number of not so nice ones with erm, how can I put it, less desirable neighbours.

Towards our end of the river along passed the hospitalthere are some lovely housing areas.
Also in town by Mariebergskogen - the towns nature park, event lokale, bathing,boating, childrens petting zoo and heaps more - are some gorgeous houses and flats.

By the inre hamn are also some wonderful properties but I have absolutely no idea what they are like inside or their prices.

Our little area is mostly flats, but 5 mins away we have a huge expanse of woods which back onto open fields and then about 15 mins drive we have two beaches, woodland, fritids, summer camping areas, Skutberget and the smaller but we think nicer Bomstadbadet.

The town is laced with cycle paths and you are never further than 20 mins from huge areas of woodlands and water.

Färejstad is also very nice so I have heard, as is Hammarö (Skoghall) though there is a huge paper plant there and sometimes the smell isnt so nice out there :yuk: The houses though are gorgeous and you also have plenty of woodland, waterways etc.

We are a good 25 mins away to the University which is right out of town going the other way and I would say that Kroppkär areas (north and south) are probably the nearest to the Uni out of all the places.

Karlstad centrum is really nice for the most part. The usual shops etc. A mitticity and a huge square packed with restaurants, bars, banks etc.

Bergvik köpcentrum is 15 mins by car away from centrum as is IKEA.

E18 runs right to Karlstad and we are about 4 and half hours from Stockholm and a little bit more to Oslo.

Oh, just remembered a little place called Edsvalla - but that is at least 35 mins out of Karlstad.

Iguess it depends on whether you want really to be as close to the town center as possible or whether you don't mind a little commute into work each day.

Happy House hunting!
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post 25.Feb.2010, 11:38 AM
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Are you all still here? We just found out we are moving to Karlstad. That is a huge change for us, and knowing other TLers are out there is reassuring.

I'm up for any manner of socialising, particularly if any of you play Scrabble. (Try to suppress your excitement- I really AM that boring.) We can figure out a way to combine it with demands to down shots every time one of us draws a x or z? First thing, though, we gotta find a house, so Oskar's mom gets the Didi E best post of the month award so far. I'll bump this every so often so we can figure out a way to get together once in a while. This will be fun.
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post 6.Sep.2011, 09:07 AM
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I have the same opinion. That would be much appreciated "The Black One". There is only so much info I can extract from pictures of places.
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