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The Local _ Life in Sweden _ Home electrical system shall be certified?

Posted by: dinosauro 30.Sep.2019, 08:41 PM

does anybody know if the home electrical systems must be certified, or better, if the company performing the new installation shall issue a "conformity certificate" ?

The reason of my question is because I have to refurbish the electrical system at home and I´d like to bring a qualified electrician from another EU country. I inquired the Elsakerhetsverket which told me that an electrician qualified in another EU country can perform the work, as long as it is a temporary work in Sweden, but is not clear to me if he shall issue a certificate stating that the job has been done in accordance to any EU/Swedish regulation (it is mainly for insurance purpose).

I know that in other country such declaration is require, but in Sweden??


Posted by: skogsbo 30.Sep.2019, 09:02 PM

You don't get a certificate. But if there was a fire an insurance company would want to see invoices of relevant work done by someone qualified.

Them not being from sweden or to Swedish regs. Might be sufficient excuse for them not to pay out. Same with plumbing and flood damage etc.

I've renovated a few properties and tend to have an agreement where I do lots of the cabling runs, conduits, first fix stuff etc. They connect and test.

Posted by: bonviveur 1.Oct.2019, 09:58 AM

homeowner can do electrical fixes himself without need of any approval, is it?

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