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Learning to teach in Sweden

Can I study in English?

post 24.Aug.2010, 10:33 AM
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What is a problem is that some people think that they should automatically be able to be an *English teacher* because they speak English or have an A-level or an Art degree etc - however you need University points in English to be a formally registered teacher - although some of the lower end billigual schools seem to hire anyone with a pulse wink.gif

I dont agree that anyone with English as a language should be automatically allowed to become a teacher either.
But in the same ay I dont agree that someone who speaks Swedish or simply works in fritids should or can automatically become a teacher either.

Fact is, both happens in Sweden.
Many schools regardless of what language they teach in hire unqualified staff simply because of shortages and cost savings which I have seen just as much in public state run schools in sweden as I have private schools. The only differences are that in state run schools, when minimum academic levels are met and costs are slashed as cost saving measures for authorities then the headmaster usually gets a bonus rather than a high paycheck. Unfortunately you can skim the cream of the milk for awhile until it leads to an almost collapse by in which time that headmaster has left with a great CV.

Many schools have adopted a policy (both swedish and bi-lingual) where teachers read straight out of a to do book.
And have no need for qualifications and very litte guidelines hoping that schools up the ladder will clean up or bring the child up to speed.

This has nothing to do with Language and all to do with penny pinching etc ... its a business and children in this country have to worry about where they come from, who is running their school to be able to maybe get a satisfactory education.

Just as my gymnasiet courses in Swedish don't qualify me to be a Swedish teacher

But as its been clearly seen, Its not about that.
The current situation puts Swedish speaking teachers above other language speaking teachers even though the lessons may not be taught in Swedish (regardless of actual qualifications).

Just to clarify - this WAS NOT a Swedish curriculum school - this was an IB school with a huge reputation in Stockholm

I believe that the Swedish classes and teachers used in that school that I believe you are referring to are in fact supplied to the school by Stockholm authority and that the school has very little control over those teachers and classes as its part of their deal to operate under a special license. I also believe that student may have had another language also taught to him (German or Spanish) plus the full English (not immigrant English or Swedish pidgin English). Putting that student in a much better stead for education in any international perspective (appart from Sweden which arrogantly drags its heels into the ground on the basis of national and cultural identity insecurity)

However, if your American friend did get into university then his qualifications must of held some merit, even if the one subject that was taught to him by the Swedish system in fact let him down and only goes to strengthen my view that international families are populously being put at a disadvantage by the education system simply for choosing to have a high standard of education that is internationally recognized.

But more than anything I think you will find that its the bungling and ever changing policies of the Swedish education system which makes no allowances for English and simply reclasses them as refugee / cheap future labour rather than the world standard for international business and education.

Personally as a parent who has been involved in both state schools and private schools teaching both in Swedish and "Bi-lingual" I can clearly say that the education board in this country hasn't got a friggin clue and those in charge are breaching the constitution by setting precedence on race and culture under a false pretense. It would also appear fairly clear that education which is classed as "free" as in the rest of the EU which is usually subsidized through taxes is of a different level and more in line with an american policy of trying to charge for education in the later years or getting its citizens to take out student loans when they are of legal age in an effort to offset costs and keep its citizens routed in Sweden. However American citizens are not burdened with such a huge tax offset so it does make you question what you are exactly paying for.
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post 23.Jun.2017, 02:55 PM
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hello everybody,

I'm Ethiopian and I'm in Stockholm for learn English, i know it's strange... But it's too difficult because :cry for : I don't speak enough English ; So, I would like know (i hope) if, there is a person who help me .
It will be very nice

See you soon ( i hope )
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