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The Local _ Jobs _ How to calculate your net salary?

Posted by: luciejanel 4.Nov.2018, 12:38 PM

Hi, I've been offered a job as a junior software developer in Stockholm for a gross salary of 30 000 SEK/month and I have trouble calculating what my net salary would be after income tax and social security deductions.

Is there anybody here earning a similar gross salary or knowing how to calculate the net salary from that amount (I've tried online calculators but they gave me very different answers).

Do you think this would be enough to live in Stockholm (I'm in my 20s and without children)?

Posted by: Solith 4.Nov.2018, 02:44 PM

You can find how much tax you pay here:!/start

Simply enter the commune where you will be living, and download the pdf. Go to column 1 and find your monthly income bracket. Then you can read your monthly income tax, and subtract that from your gross salary to leave you with the net amount.

Posted by: luciejanel 4.Nov.2018, 03:39 PM

QUOTE (Solith @ 4.Nov.2018, 02:44 PM) *
You can find how much tax you pay here:!/start

Thank you for your answer smile.gif Do this also include the deductions for social security or just the income tax? How do we know which column apply (between 1 to 6)?

Posted by: Solith 4.Nov.2018, 08:38 PM

Ok so:
- Your employer pays you a gross salary.
- On top of this they pay ~30% employers fee. This is NOT counted in your gross salary - you don't see it on your salary statement from your employer.
- Of your gross salary the state takes a certain amount. This is listed in column 1 of the table I sent you to (as I said in the same post). How you determine your column is only in Swedish, but basically if you're between the age of 25 and 65 you're in column 1 unless you have weird circumstances. It's slightly higher if you've opted to be a member of the Swedish church.
- There are no further fees / taxes / other amounts taken from your monthly salary.

Posted by: luciejanel 4.Nov.2018, 09:15 PM

Ok, perfect, it makes sense now. It works so differently from my country that I felt completely lost. Thank you so much for your answer smile.gif

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