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The Local _ Gothenburg _ Need help with java

Posted by: rorry 29.Nov.2011, 12:58 AM

hej !

i am studying IT ( Software engineering ) and i am in my first year / first termin. The program is a demanding too much for someone who knows nothing about programing before at least that is what i think. Is there anyone who is willing to pass their knowledge about java to me. Or can guide me with my assignements and projects. Keep in mind that i am a student so i can't pay for it. i know there is a 1% chance that someone would want to help just because they want to help but ,you never know ! .

Posted by: Vstrommer71 29.Nov.2011, 08:43 AM

I guess if you google enough,you'll probably find a handfull of resources and tutorials about java.Do this,prior asking for someone's help.That's what I'd do.
Have an

Posted by: hatim 29.Nov.2011, 09:54 AM

Being a professional Java developer I can safely say that the _ONE_ thing that you should definitely focus on is getting help from the correct sources. The local may be nice forum and you can perhaps find many interesting websites but the most important one these days is

Another thing you should consider when asking for help, people will help you if you show them that you have done some effort trying to find an answer for your self. If it is obvious that you don't care about the subject, want shortcuts, and want others to spoon feed information to you then you will be treated harshly (look up what RTFM means on Google)

Learning Java from a good book might also be helpful. You should definitely get the infrastructure stuff out of the way. Writing code in simple terminal/editor would help you a lot in understanding and then you can mix it with a good IDE (i would recommend IntelliJ the open source edition, but there are so many others)

Lastly, look around your local Java Users Group. Go to their meetings and ask for help there.

If you don't have time for all of this then find your self some thing else to study. Being fluent in Java is like being fluent in any natural language. You do so by totally immersing your self.

Posted by: rorry 29.Nov.2011, 11:40 AM

well.. Of course i am not looking for short cuts and i can always look it up on google. and i have tried that . i have never used Google as much as i did since i got in this major!!. i am also reading the introduction to java programming comprehensive 8th edition book but i can't scan it like a computer, it takes time to read every chapter and solve all the question which i am on .
The thing is My project right now requries an interface and DB which i did on NeatBeans and MySQL and onece that is made once clicking on each button the program will take you to the sorce where you can write the command for this button. that is where i get confused. i know what i want each button to function like i just don't know how to wirte it or invent it for that matter.
i know this might seem easy for someone who has been practicing java for a while but keep in mind that i am a beginner.

Posted by: dilkush 29.Nov.2011, 11:49 AM

I think you get better support,guidance and answers from experts ,if you can post your question in Java forums.
It toolbox,...etc

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