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The Local _ Scania _ Moving to malmo

Posted by: imurat 24.Sep.2013, 10:36 AM

Hi, I am considering a move to Malmo, I am an engineer (7 year experience) with a job offer for a consultant position. My salary would be 26000-30000 after taxes. As I have read it is a good salary. I am still weighing that offer.

What I would like to know is, what is the typical monthly sum needed to live in Malmo for a single person, and what is it if my girlfriend also comes. We are doing a lot of sports so we don't drink alcohol, we don't smoke and go to bed really early (so, not going out to burs or clubs often, maybe once a month).

As I see it the expenses could be like this (pleas correct me):
- one bedroom apartment (+ living room) - 6000-7000
- monthly bills + phone - 500
- food - 4000 (we don't eat at restaurants, always cook at home)
- public transport - 1200
- clothing and shoes - 1000 (average monthly)
- everything else - 1000

Total: 13700-14700

Is my calculation ok?

Also, since we are doing a lot of outdoor sports (mostly running - racing), are there nice running routes in malmo, our outside (some kind of trails) that are marked? And, is there an open to the public athletics field to do some running?

Thanks in advance

Posted by: imurat 24.Sep.2013, 11:15 AM

sorry, wrong forum section, didn't notice it, as i had multiple tabs open. can moderator please delete this?

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