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The Local _ Miscellaneous _ Can time be explained?

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 1.Sep.2019, 12:47 AM

A few thoughts about time:

If time did not exist then everything would happen at the same "time"...

Time travel is impossible because where you are going has not happened yet...

Everything ages and dies in time...

If you traveled far enough back in time you would not exist...

Will time ever end???

Why can't you smell, see, taste, feel,or hear it???

Why can't time be stopped or made faster???

Can time really fit in a bottle???

Anybody else want to play the time game???

Or maybe you don't have the time to do so??? rolleyes.gif

Posted by: skogsbo 1.Sep.2019, 08:36 AM

Time is just a measure of a sequence of events, relative to the point at which they are viewed.

Time is relative to velocity and gravity.

What we might call the speed at which time passes can be slowed or stopped. Although without accurate clocks you won't notice the difference we can alter it by. Perhaps in the future though...

However the amount of energy required to reach almost the speed of light and in theory almost stop time is so vast it is beyond our current idea of what is physically possible.

Because of our current limitations of knowledge we say time didn't exist or was at least restarted at the big bang.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 1.Sep.2019, 06:20 PM

The Comedian once said: If you are driving at the speed of light and put your headlights on...would anything happen???

Posted by: Bsmith 1.Sep.2019, 06:33 PM

You must have some extra time on your hands.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 1.Sep.2019, 07:25 PM

Can I wash it off???

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 1.Sep.2019, 07:28 PM

Can wasted time be recycled???

Posted by: Bsmith 1.Sep.2019, 09:58 PM

QUOTE (Gamla H?lsingebock @ 1.Sep.2019, 07:28 PM) *
Can wasted time be recycled???

Wouldn't that be nice?

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 1.Sep.2019, 10:45 PM

A pro Muslim remark: Allah does not deduct from mans allotted time, the amount of time he has spent fishing...

I have many, many years ahead of me!!! laugh.gif

Posted by: Gjeebes 16.Sep.2019, 02:34 AM

A nice question. Too bad the person who asked it is too stupid to be capable of understanding any answer.

Posted by: Temp 16.Sep.2019, 09:16 PM


Or from the classic film "Carry on: with heat death": Entropy, Entropy, they've all got en trop y.

Posted by: lisholm 31.Dec.2019, 01:59 PM

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