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Lack of Swedish is going to be a problem
Praying for a shelf-stacking job going at ICA...  * 123
32 Lungbög 7,448 27.Apr.2010
By: Lungbög
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Salary guides - available online
Would like to know what salary to expect/negotiate
3 sparkles2 2,374 20.Apr.2010
By: Puffin
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Taxes and tutoring
And everything in between
3 Lilje 1,468 11.Apr.2010
By: Bender B R…
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Pay levels for basic jobs
What's reasonable?  * 12
16 SeldomSeen… 16,661 6.Apr.2010
By: Puffin
No New Posts 9 kerostarfx 10,496 5.Apr.2010
By: *vernongetz…*
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Job Idea's help
I need some brainstorming here
1 Scotlandma… 1,179 4.Apr.2010
By: jack sprat
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What jobs can you have as a linguist
Lacking a sense of direction  * 12
15 DerGegner 6,485 3.Apr.2010
By: Renfeh Hgu…
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Job in hospitality/tourism
Is it possible with no Swedish?
4 tnj4884 6,573 31.Mar.2010
By: tnj4884
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Swedish skill shortages
Vocational training in Sweden  * 12
21 Azrael 7,621 21.Mar.2010
By: skane refu…
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Australian doctors in Sweden?
Experiences of transition to Swedish med system
2 tim_monna 1,442 20.Mar.2010
By: tim_monna
No New Posts 5 kim sim 2,859 19.Mar.2010
By: Nuname
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Manual jobs in Gothenburg
Without speaking Swedish
6 john1981uk 2,652 18.Mar.2010
By: Puffin
No New Posts 8 jonnymcv6 14,514 17.Mar.2010
By: Streja
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Looking for a job (nanny)
Babysitter/nanny in Stockholm
1 *oggo* 1,267 15.Mar.2010
By: kaze
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Pre-School Teach Certification
What's the process to become certified in Sweden?
2 *dcos* 2,220 15.Mar.2010
By: Lilje
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Help me find a magazine internship
I need help finding an internship at a magazine  * 12
15 Xann 4,173 14.Mar.2010
By: beagnach
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Part-time administrator wanted
Lidingö - Stockholm
3 Bainne 1,397 11.Mar.2010
By: Bainne
No New Posts 2 Essjay 1,394 1.Mar.2010
By: bloom99
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Why there are so many recruitment agencies?
Almost all jobs are going though them...
13 Localer 3,506 15.Feb.2010
By: krigeren
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Summer job possibilities
Does anyone have an advice?
4 Nemezide 4,962 9.Feb.2010
By: Nemezide
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The job market for programmers in Sweden
Tips on what speciality is best to focus on
12 Shale 8,996 5.Feb.2010
By: dave.smith
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Still looking for job
After 7 months  * 12
26 ale3is 5,898 30.Jan.2010
By: bloom99
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List of American companies
Company searching
5 *Infy* 45,525 25.Jan.2010
By: Streja
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Possible move to Sweden?
Jobs in Care homes/support work etc.
7 caoimhin04 2,348 16.Jan.2010
By: caoimhin04
No New Posts 1 malheureus… 2,585 15.Jan.2010
By: Puffin
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Educated Australian - Where are the jobs?
Is there anything out there?  * 12
25 mc87 4,900 15.Jan.2010
By: Streja
No New Posts 5 christophe… 4,486 14.Jan.2010
By: krigeren
No New Posts 4 Moon. B 1,491 5.Jan.2010
By: Moon. B
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Any RN's that moved to Sweden from the US
That currently work as a nurse in Sweden...
5 stephanie9… 2,924 3.Jan.2010
By: Puffin
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Despirate for a job!
In Stockholm
2 tdr1984 1,513 29.Dec.2009
By: Qwazy_wabb…
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