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Desperate for work
Need to find some fast
9 davo339 2,488 29.Dec.2009
By: PageyGB
No New Posts 1 sushipeas 2,669 21.Dec.2009
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I've just lost my job
What are my options?
3 The Undert… 2,210 18.Dec.2009
By: Puffin
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Immigrants integration N.GO in Sweden
Foregning regiistration
3 othello 1,315 16.Dec.2009
By: Puffin
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English speaking construction work wanted
Quantity Surveyor / CA moving to Stockholm in Jan'
3 roberts79 6,282 14.Dec.2009
By: Streja
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Remote receptionist/phone answering services.
What's available in Sweden? Likely costs?
3 Gordy 1,637 26.Nov.2009
By: Gordy
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Any British people who are Polis in Sweden?
Copper on a career break from the Metropolitan Pol  * 12
26 welshjimmy 4,978 25.Nov.2009
By: welshjimmy
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Self-employed - advice from anyone who's done it?
Is the book keeping requirement as bad as it seems
4 DoobieDuck… 2,381 24.Nov.2009
By: Bender B R…
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Please hire me!
Looking for any job in Stockholm
7 Carly Greg… 3,265 19.Nov.2009
By: I'm Lo…
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Glasgow Football Club
May have put this post before but now I Can't find
3 Scotlandma… 1,110 18.Nov.2009
By: CTIDinÅrs…
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Working with people with learning disabilities
Anyone know of any good organisations to apply to?
1 Reebs 3,371 15.Nov.2009
By: Puffin
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Is such job ad looks OK?
Very short and no company info or website exist!
3 Nagham Pat… 1,213 8.Nov.2009
By: kaze2
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Live-in caregiver jobs in Sweden and Denmark
How easy to get those nowadays?
10 stapleton3… 23,497 5.Nov.2009
By: Puffin
No New Posts 3 Juan_Peral… 1,838 5.Nov.2009
By: Juan_Peral…
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Going Solo o
Self Employed
5 captainbir… 1,602 4.Nov.2009
By: 7
No New Posts 1 byke 1,091 4.Nov.2009
By: Renfeh Hgu…
No New Posts 1 swedenboun… 1,115 28.Oct.2009
By: Furu
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Magazine jobs or internship
Help me find a magazine/paper
7 Tink89 6,306 27.Oct.2009
By: Blazek
No New Posts 2 danitt 2,512 8.Oct.2009
By: Puffin
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Postman, newspaper round, any jobs in Malmö area
For an Australian with EU citizenship
1 Jamie86 4,157 6.Oct.2009
By: Snoopy!…
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Entry-level jobs in Sweden
Where are they?!
2 *Seaton* 8,304 5.Oct.2009
By: kerostarfx
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Jobs for an English girl in Stockholm
How difficult is it to find work?
6 Majick 3,337 2.Oct.2009
By: Bob from N…
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Will it get any better/easier to find a job?
Non-Swedish speaking, well-qualified professionals  * 123
32 christy75x 8,372 2.Oct.2009
By: gplusa
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Names for Nurses
As compared to the U.S
5 stephanie9… 3,063 29.Sep.2009
By: Puffin
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Newspaper and magazine distribution jobs
Suggested agencies and companies etc.
4 Scotlandma… 15,019 28.Sep.2009
By: unkle stru…
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When out of work, how about paid online surveys?
Is this a genuine opportunity or a scam?
13 althegreat… 9,482 26.Sep.2009
By: *PaidOnline…*
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How hard is to become a teacher in Sweden?
Availability of jobs, chances as a foreigner  * 12
16 laviniutza 11,146 19.Sep.2009
By: Tania Nils…
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English CV vs. Swedish CV
Is a Swedish CV better even though not required?
6 Alex78 3,320 18.Sep.2009
By: Alex78
No New Posts 5 ELMECHWARA 2,291 15.Sep.2009
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Jobs in hospitals
Getting a medic's job in Sweden
7 Bisonex 7,782 13.Sep.2009
By: Bisonex
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