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English-speaking jobs in Umeå

Tips on what work is available

post 19.Oct.2010, 02:10 PM
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QUOTE (Mirrorman @ 19.Oct.2010, 02:43 PM) *
lol. if desperate look for a bar job and then more highly skilled cleaner job. swedish bar jobs are a joke. at least the irish show some kind of skills with the customer. try ... (show full quote)

Is that what you work as then?

Irish? You have got to be joking right? What skills with the customer? What are you talking about? If there is such a thing in an Irish pub then I have certainly never seen it!

Why don't you go an troll somewhere else. You clearly have nothing to add with no useful information the OP can use.
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post 19.Oct.2010, 02:16 PM
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OP started this thread in 2009.
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post 19.Oct.2010, 03:40 PM
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My intention was not to offend anyone. I seem to have hit a nerve, you do realise that I wrote this a year ago... but I still stand by everything that I have written.

Next to every person I have met working in a bar up here is either a student or is working while they look for something else. I have met a few who genuinely like working in a bar and are happy with their jobs but these have been the minority.

Where I come from generally speaking bar work IS an unskilled job. Personally I think it is ridiculous to need a "qualification" for pulling a few pints. I think that this has wormed its way into Swedish society due to the high unemployment and they need some criteria when they get 100+ applications for any advertised job. Maybe Swedes need a course on how to be nice to their customers? (I'm being cheeky there in case you didn't get it).

I can understand if you are wanting to work in the best bars and clubs where fancy drinks are the order of the day. But here in Umeå? Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. Up here is about as chilled out as it gets and just as far away from fancy compared to any major cities night spots.

So I am not in any way putting you down. If this is the career that you are wanting to make for yourself then that is great that you are motivated to become truly great at what you do.
Just like you have some one who owns a fish and chip shop to someone who cooks in a top restaurant - they both are cooks of varying degrees. (And NO I am not dissing people who cook fish and chips!!!!!!)

So in a pub there would be unskilled people who have lucked into a job (as is the way in MANY countries) and then you have people like you who have a skill for a niche market of bars and clubs that serve those types of things. All of the other things are things that any employer HOPES his employees to have such as initiative, good customer manner and so forth.

Back to the topic of work in Umeå. It's rough and it is still as hard as it was when I wrote a year ago. It is all about connections here. You HAVE to get out and network, meet people and tell everyone you know to pass the word around you are looking for work. You have to door knock and approach work places in person. Emails here will never be responded to.

Don't give up, you will find something if you are determined enough. You really have to put yourself out there like never before!
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post 6.Nov.2010, 12:08 AM
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I want to do a musical group in Umeå and call him the "uncrowned" `I'll play the drums with you the rest!
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post 6.Nov.2010, 11:04 AM
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try studieframjandet in umea, sometimes they are looking for native english speakers to be circle leaders, only a few hours a week.

contact local schools, you may end up scrapping gum off the back of tables at 6 in the morning, but hey, its cash

also contact the local day care centers if you like kids, as there are international ones there that require native english speakers too

good luck
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post 6.Nov.2010, 04:01 PM
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QUOTE (bravedave @ 19.Oct.2010, 01:33 PM) *
Im sorry but you seem to have the common mans thinking here I take offence to your post.One of the reasons why bartending jobs in Sweden are hard to find is because it IS a sk ... (show full quote)

Off topic, where do you work BraveDave? I would love to know where to go for a good cocktail in Stockholm.

QUOTE (Lostaussie @ 19.Oct.2010, 01:59 PM) *
Stay in the UK as your wasting your time chasing your Ex to Sweden. It can be really very difficult to establish yourself here and will take a major investment in time and money.

Wise words smile.gif
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