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The Local _ Jobs _ Advice for web designer wanting to move to Sweden

Posted by: Ivyk 24.Jun.2019, 10:52 PM

Hello, please I need an advice,
I want to move to Sweden, Stockholm...
I'm a web & graphic designer but I'm still very basic in swedish. I know it's a big struggle. Just for a start to be able to move, I'm thinking of jobs such as restaurants, warehouse or even cleaning. Will I be able to pay a rent n put some bread on my table with that salary? I'm even thinking living in a small city like eskilstuna etc around Stockholm but to work in Stockholm... I guess rents are a way lower than in the big cities. Let me know please.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 24.Jun.2019, 11:25 PM

Advice on this forum is only from the personal experience of those had found it easy and those that found it hard to move to Sweden...They are not you!!!

You are far better off doing research on your own...Mostly people with little knowledge of Swedish find it extremely hard...

The grass is not really greener, there are many problems with adjusting to Swedish culture and society...

Posted by: Bsmith 25.Jun.2019, 12:23 PM

Do not move to Sweden until you have a substantial amount of money saved up. It can take months to even years to find a job (especially if you don't speak Swedish).

Posted by: Ivyk 25.Jun.2019, 09:24 PM

Hello people!
Thanks for your responses.
Yes of course I'll do the research as much as I can, I thought you might know more than I know, especially if you already live there. I've been to Sweden a few times, I loved a lot if I ever move I have 20K euros savings on my own to start a new life, I just don't know the best approach. If I move it's gonna be for some time, I would like to learn a new language, gain experience, meet new people etc. I know as a first job I might not be at the best place, but I'll appreciate the opportunity.

However, thanks all for your time

Posted by: hoodrat 4.Nov.2019, 07:40 AM

What web design skills do you have.

There is no shortage of work in this area if you have the dev chops!

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