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Ireland to Sweden

How did you move your stuff

post 22.Oct.2011, 07:55 PM
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I drove my car . Took the Dublin-Hollyhead car ferry and then the Immingham-Gottenburg cargo ferry. We didn't bring any furniture as there is such an active second-hand market here. Very smooth trip. Limited availablility on the Immingham-Gottenburg route with DFDS but good value and very comfortable.

Good luck with the move.

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post 22.Oct.2011, 08:20 PM
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hired a truck, Hull to Rotterdam, drove up. Same way back. Wasn't cheap, but under £2500 for at least 30m2 of stuff, packed very very tightly. Was a long drive though about 12-1300km each way.
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post 14.Mar.2012, 11:18 AM
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QUOTE (Somebody @ 18.Oct.2011, 08:31 PM) *
Hi there,Is there anybody here who has moved recently to Sweden from Ireland?How did you manage to move all ur stuffdid you go for UPS or somebody like that.Im guessing that w ... (show full quote)
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post 14.Mar.2012, 11:29 AM
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I was just wondering did you move yet? If you did, how are you getting on? What company did you use to move? A lot of questions I know but my family and I are hoping to move to Sweden from Ireland during this summer. My wife is Swedish and has been living here for 18 years. We have 2 kids aged 13 and 9. We have been thinking about this move for a number of years and believe Sweden is a better choice for us at this time. What part of Sweden did you move to? We would be heading to Norrkoping (where my wife's family live). We have been to Sweden at least once a year since we met 18 years ago (including 2 weeks ago where the kids were in school for a day) and have a good friends base there.
Any input would be appreciated.

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post 5.Jul.2017, 01:07 PM
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Been lots of replies already but ill add mine! So I moved last year and used :

They were excellent and cost me about £500 or so to move about 4 large boxes, a tv and a bit coffee table. The prices are pretty fair and only took 2 weeks. Heavily recommended.

However, if you are moving a crap ton, then drive. Its more fun and hell - it's a ton cheaper!! It will be a long drive so yeah, make a plan of it and won't feel so bad.
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post 5.Jul.2017, 11:15 PM
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I moved to London thanks to some communities in Uk - I would recommend searching some locals in UK by Google smile.gif
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