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Woman ordered off Malmö bus

for wearing too few clothes

post 4.Aug.2019, 06:30 PM
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QUOTE (Gjeebes @ 4.Aug.2019, 05:45 PM) *
Why the "social-justice-warrior" crap? Sure they are assumptions, but, think about it. I've never met a Meatball that outwardly had a problem with the way a wom ... (show full quote)

Oh I understand prejudice and why it exists, especially the anti Muslim sentiment in Sweden.

I also understand that freedom of speech allows me to shit on someone’s opinion if I so feel. What I don’t understand is this one way road conservatards, not saying you are one, seem to travel... that if they shit on my opinion it is freedom of speech, but if I shit on theirs... I am preventing their freedom of speech?

My point is to separate the behavior from the person. We all seem to agree it was ridiculous of the driver to say anything to the woman, who isn’t much to look at by the way ( maybe putting a bag over her head would have been a better suggestion). So why not end it there? Why can’t it be about women’s freedom to dress how they want, rather than yet another attack on Muslim people?

Especially when the attack comes from two fools who have nothing to do with Sweden. Buttboy smith lived here for a year... 10 years ago is it? Gamla is actually a 30 yr old troll long gaming it who just has cowardly genetics from the Swedes. But hey they can say whatever. Just as I will.

Your anecdotes of 10 yr old raped and catcalls... most pedophiles and child molesters are white men... so, honestly, if I hear of child molestation or any sexual misconduct with a child, I think of white male (shame on me)... cat calls... I don’t know what to say about that... I’ve seen cat calling from all sorts... most of it happening when there is a group of younger, usually, guys. It’s a male group mentality... not limited to a specific race or religion.

To go back to the rape and demonizing certain groups... let’s give some equality to this and start demonizing white men as pedophiles, serial killers, mass shooting murderers... terrorists in America are white men, not Muslims. Can the white man unlearn these inherent behaviors??

A different Islam I know... yes, I do... I am from America although split time between there and Sweden. Muslim people I know smoke lots of weed/ hash, some are openly gay, all are tolerant to other religions and all, that I know, respect women. Being Muslim isn’t their core identity, they are accepted as Americans... unlike in Sweden where, not only does becoming Swedish sound as appealing as having your butthole waxed, but they can’t see past the religion.. another difference is that in America we open the door, welcome them, and tell them the house rules and say we don’t fuck around. Sweden opens the door and let’s everyone in with their shoes on while the homeowner cowers in the corner. What is there to respect in that society? Hahahaha I love it.

Lastly, yea gjeebes, I like you too, you are also ok even if we have had our shit slinging tiffs. I think it’s because we both know the real problem in Sweden is Sweden and the Swedes. I’ve also enjoyed my friends who are chemists. Fun interesting people. You are all world class!

But to dispel what I am assuming is your assumption... I am not Muslim. Strict Muslims would not like me and would probably want to kill me. But I don’t mind.
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post 5.Aug.2019, 06:24 AM
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Fair enough. Good reply.

One thing to remember, Islam has never been unified. Certain countries seem to have a more hard-line strict Islam. For instance Saudi Arabia, I have read (so no, cannot verify) can jail you for smiling in public. It is also against Allah to play music in public. And that I can verify through viewing secret video taken of a guy playing some kind of guitar-like instrument, and a truck with the thought-police, oh, Sharia Police showed up. IIRC they smashed his instrument and chased him.

Definitely don't want that shit anywhere close to where I live.

They have also jailed 18 year olds for being present at protests, stone women to death, chop heads off for mild offences, etc etc.

So it isn't correct to lump all in the same basket, that's true. The Muslims you speak of, are likely the type I know personally also; moderate. They aren't all moderate though; many, many aren't. And the problem is, we can never know who is who, until the shit happens. That can be unnerving for some, and I get that.

Some of the nastiest people I've met are VERY intolerant Muslims. Scary people whom I would not trust in any way. Clearly indoctrinated into ideologies that are harmful. Maybe even dangerous. Looking down their noses at us infidels.

And I agree you are free to speak your mind, and I also have trouble containing myself when Gamla shit-stain "weighs-in" on things he clearly doesn't understand, but it is his choice if he wants to continuously make an ass of himself by displaying his ignorance.

Bsmith is pretty grounded IMHO, and is actually very polite most of the time. And at least he actually knows something of Meatballia, even if it was experienced some time back.

To be honest, I have more of a problem with people addicted to their "smart" phones, and lead otherwise shallow lives, deep inside their bubbles of entitlement, who have no sense of achievement, yet try to wear gold medals for races they didn't even enter.

How to raise my daughter in such an empty world, keep her on the correct path AND happy, whilst having to school with these fools, whose parents' idea of education is milk and cookies, and video games? No mettle, can't push themselves, no sense of accomplishment, no work ethic, completely undisciplined.

That is much more of a concern to me than radical Islam, radical righties or radical lefties.
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post 5.Aug.2019, 10:56 AM
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I just updated my ignore list and I can't see anyone in this thread, so refreshing and painless not to see all of the hate fuelled rants by kvetching curmudgeons.

Have a great day you ignorant sods!
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post 5.Aug.2019, 08:49 PM
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QUOTE (BlackfDes @ 5.Aug.2019, 11:56 AM) *
I just updated my ignore list and I can't see anyone in this thread, so refreshing and painless not to see all of the hate fuelled rants by kvetching curmudgeons.Have a gr ... (show full quote)

Interesting mentality of a person who must announce to others that they are ignoring them. Very egocentric to think people care if you read what they write. This mentality is akin to a child telling someone, I just made a special club, but you aren’t in.

Oh please blackdesi please please don’t ignore me. Please please please!!!

I highly doubt you even put people on ignore... with a mentality such as the above.

You know a better way to not see the comments of a thread??? Don’t look at it.
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post 6.Aug.2019, 03:28 PM
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"Ignore user" is the best way of avoiding those authors whose only form of communication is via that of vituperation on a range of subjects they clearly have little knowledge or experience with. Clearly they are just a bunch of kvetching curmudeons with a keyboard for a weapon and little, if any, thoughtful or knowledgeable commentary. Its just the sort of mindless drivel that spews forth from the current shithead of a President of the USA, Drumpf, and isn't he just the finest and dandiest specimen of a human being ever - NOT!

Good day to you, sirs!

ps I bet you all had to look up "vituperation", suckers!
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post 8.Aug.2019, 09:19 PM
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QUOTE (BlackfDes @ 6.Aug.2019, 04:28 PM) *
"Ignore user" is the best way of avoiding those authors whose only form of communication is via that of vituperation on a range of subjects they clearly have little ... (show full quote)

Is this a response?

That’s a weird vocab flex.

You alright?
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