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The Local _ Cooking _ I love Cooking/baking!

Posted by: Crazy.Lee 7.Nov.2012, 09:41 AM

I just moved here from South Africa and I have a wonderful gift to bake and cook but not so great with translating. Every time we go to the supermarket I see these really good looking foods on the food Magazines but I don't understand a word!
Any one with some good Swedish recipes, I would love it if you could share them with me!
What ever you have to share I will appieciate it.
Please try to include a picture if you can! wink.gif

Feel free to add links to recipes if you know a good web page.

Any one looking for South African food recipes I will be happy to share!! Just let me know.
Xxx tongue.gif


Posted by: HannahSwain 7.Nov.2012, 11:35 AM

Swedish recipes aren't all too hard to pick up. It's also a good way to practice your Swedish! smile.gif

Posted by: johnjohn 7.Nov.2012, 12:04 PM

I have always been very curious about what you call this in South Africa. Is it called self-raising flour or self-rising flour and is it readily available?


Posted by: Crazy.Lee 7.Nov.2012, 12:36 PM

Jip it is that's the South African version smile.gif


Posted by: Flutterbye 7.Nov.2012, 01:41 PM

British version

Posted by: Puffin 7.Nov.2012, 03:43 PM

The absolute *bible* of Swedish baking is the book "sju sorters kakor" that has been republished many times since it was first published in 1945

However this book that covers all types of cakes, cookies, buns, rusks and sweet breads is available is English from uk amazon- you can take a look inside online

Posted by: trumanshow 8.Nov.2012, 09:51 PM

this might help you

Posted by: Guest 6.Dec.2012, 10:28 AM

I’ll just go through my cook book and give the best I can find.

Posted by: Mo 6.Dec.2012, 10:45 AM

or from a Swedish supplier

Posted by: Svensksmith 6.Dec.2012, 03:10 PM

Any Swedish recipies online can be copied into Google translate to at least give you a starting point.

Posted by: ayan05 22.Apr.2014, 09:07 AM

yes i sure damn do. I love to eat mcdonalds fast food all day everyday

Posted by: shivanya 3.Oct.2016, 01:10 PM

Great info to improve my cooking. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: Mzungu 3.Oct.2016, 03:26 PM

Ag man, keep to the Braai,pap and vleis, dro?wors and Potjiekos... wink.gif

*welcome to Sweden*

Back in April

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 3.Oct.2016, 03:37 PM

Do I see a flour debate, about to begin???

Posted by: Guest 16.Jan.2017, 04:10 PM

Doesn't look like there was a flour debate :-(

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 16.Jan.2017, 04:25 PM

Still trying to get a bit of a dust up over my new self erecting flour...

A bit of one upmanship word play...As it were...

Posted by: BhuBhuKaZoo 13.Jul.2017, 11:51 AM

The only and most important thing to learn is:

AHHHH. The batter is the best. smile.gif

Posted by: Cheeseroller 22.Jul.2017, 09:52 AM

Here's a list of some translations:

Posted by: Tenacious185 7.Aug.2017, 10:33 AM

QUOTE (Cheeseroller @ 22.Jul.2017, 10:52 AM) *
Here's a list of some translations:

Ooooh! Thanks for posting this, Cheeseroller. I love cooking, and as a result have learned many food words from Swedish cookbooks and magazines, but this is a great list!

Posted by: Guest 24.Sep.2017, 06:10 PM

I live in the USA like to cook but I would to find some good Swedish cook books I would like to try and see how good of a cook I am

Posted by: Guest 24.Sep.2017, 07:21 PM

Looking for a good cook book
Love to cook live in USA

Posted by: intrepidfox 24.Sep.2017, 07:40 PM

The cook book bible in Sweden is V?r kok bok but unfortunately it is in Swedish.

There are agai,n many Swedish site that you could Google translate such as

Here is another search for recipes in English

Here is the search for cook books

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