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The Local _ Life in Sweden _ Where to Get Real News about Sweden

Posted by: Gjeebes 13.Dec.2015, 02:02 PM

As it goes in the rest of the free world, where people are actually allowed to speak about the "unspeakable", I find much more intelligent news regarding Sweden only comes from the outside.

There is definitely "slant" in the stories I will point you to, but also a load of "fact", that never seems to surface in Swedish narratives. I find that very interesting.

I think if Swedes could access things being pointed out so plainly by those with their eye on Sweden, their heads would explode. First, from the blatantly misleading news they receive, and secondly, because when (if) they could actually understand how simple they are to "play", even by dolts like L

Posted by: Cheeseroller2 13.Dec.2015, 02:22 PM

Watch the Swedish politicians here and weep.

Posted by: Gjeebes 13.Dec.2015, 02:43 PM

Haha, ya, another gem from the land that defines "narrow-minded". I guess being a product of Sweden, we can not fault this poor slob for being this disconnected from the real world. But hey, gotta give it to Sweden, even complete idiots can hold high ranking positions: long live equality!

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