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Doggy to DK
Can I take my new puppy to Denmark?
6 Bisonex 1,868 8.Oct.2009
By: Madamlucyl…
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Can I sell flat without consent of my ex-partner?
She refuses to sell now or to buy me out of loan
11 sapiens 3,910 6.Oct.2009
By: crunchy2k
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Swedish ID card
Problems applying for an ID card in Göteburg  * 12
16 azbuka 8,183 29.Sep.2009
By: azbuka
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Apartment rental contract law
Second-hand contract to first-hand
6 *zackex* 7,761 17.Sep.2009
By: Puffin
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Any lawyers about?
1962:381 General Insurance
4 Service ch… 2,011 17.Sep.2009
By: Service ch…
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Second-hand apartment contract
...what are my legal obligations?
14 StockholmD… 9,612 6.Sep.2009
By: Farbror Sv…
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Transferring ownership of property
E.g. within a family, is this easy to do?
2 Stephen Ne… 2,980 1.Sep.2009
By: Lostaussie
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De-registering then re-registering a company
Is this possible? Or must a new company be made?
2 mirellac 1,945 31.Aug.2009
By: Furu
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Consumer rights in Sweden
Claiming on a broken iMac after warranty expired
6 byke 8,733 31.Aug.2009
By: Caribbean …
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Where to get a free consultation with a lawyer
My ex refused to let my son go on holiday with me
1 sapiens 3,314 23.Aug.2009
By: Britannia
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Paedophile sees jail term cut to five years
What does this say about the Swedish legal system?
12 ronneby 3,223 7.Aug.2009
By: bobthedog
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Customs regulations
I can't get anything I want in Apoteket!
13 Tasma 8,756 6.Aug.2009
By: Puffin
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Laws on bringing alcohol into Sweden
How much you're allowed per person etc.
4 RocknRoll 19,553 28.Jul.2009
By: RocknRoll
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The company I work for has just gone bankrupt
How long does the state guarantee payments?
6 voyager 3,858 28.Jul.2009
By: voyager
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Second-hand contract has ended, deposit problem
Full deposit not returned by the landlord
8 Engelkott 5,074 20.Jul.2009
By: Plowbridge…
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Launching a website in Sweden
What regulations apply, and other advice
3 *susav* 2,313 9.Jul.2009
By: Stüpid
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Married in America, legal in Sweden?
Is an American-Swedish marriage recognised here?
9 AmericanSw… 3,765 2.Jul.2009
By: Streja
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Legality of recording a conversation at home
Audio recording for use in a child custody battle  * 12
26 Soifong 8,658 29.Jun.2009
By: Renfeh Hgu…
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How to scrap a UK Saab 900 Classic in Sweden
I'd like to drive it back to the factory
1 *squirrelat…* 3,490 29.Jun.2009
By: Bishop Con…
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Citizens advice bureau in Sweden
Is there such a thing?
1 Allseeinge… 9,004 29.Jun.2009
By: Mo
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Bringing medication through border customs
Info on which medicines must be declared
3 Blazek 4,447 23.Jun.2009
By: Johno
No New Posts 3 brentles 2,057 22.Jun.2009
By: Johno
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Rights when applying for a job
Protection against discrimination (age, race, sex)
8 Mib 3,402 11.Jun.2009
By: ShaneW
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Acquaintance owes money and won't pay it back
Just a small amount, suggestions on what to do
6 zohaib1984 2,103 7.Jun.2009
By: Willy
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Registering a Swedish marriage in the U.S.
Married in Sweden then returning to America
3 jose_s 1,608 5.Jun.2009
By: Sofia_stoc…
No New Posts 1 *YvonneQ* 3,446 2.Jun.2009
By: Essingen
No New Posts 3 Mib 8,141 28.May.2009
By: Puffin
No New Posts 2 Britabroad 2,569 27.May.2009
By: Nuname
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Filing a lawsuit against Försäkringskassen
Assistance with doing this as an individual
4 Kellie O 4,292 18.May.2009
By: Mzungu
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Employee's rights after being injured at work
Compensation and workers' rights to sick pay
2 welsh_monk… 2,332 11.May.2009
By: Puffin
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