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Working at Ikea?

Seeking for a job

post 2.Feb.2013, 03:03 PM
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Before I go and ask for a job at Ikea I need some answers to clear up my mind.
Do you know what are the requirements to work at Ikea? Do you need some kind of studies before starting there?
If I speak english and french (I started SFI so soon I will be also able to speak swedish)is it enough or I have also to speak Swedish?

thanks for any useful answer
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post 2.Feb.2013, 03:12 PM
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Well, there is a whole section on their website about it, and google translate will make a passable job of translating. There is even a section entitled lediga jobb ie free jobs to submit your cv ! http://www.ikea.com/ms/sv_SE/the_ikea_stor...ikea/index.html
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