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Have Trowbridge's proven lies been removed?

Where Is The Troll Thread About Cat Pooh?

post 6.Apr.2012, 08:23 PM
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I cannot find it anywhere. Can you?

If it has been taken down, wipes out all Jamtjim's latest lies about me, especially my attempts to make some solution to the complaints by Jimmy about an alleged bet despite its uncertainty.

If so, who triggered it, as I have made no complaint about his wild campaign to discredit me?

In any case, I thank the mods for what, it seems, they have done.
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post 6.Apr.2012, 09:25 PM
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That's a very good point Trow especially as they have left untouched the thread where you admit to fraudulently masquarading as a professor in order to sell your alleged publications but sadly removing your offer to settle your debt steming from the losing bet in full.

It's a shame really, I spent not an insignificant amount of time demonstrating without doubt your dishonesty but I take solace in the fact that google has a cache of the tread so that the evidence of your multiple user names will be preserved regardless... I may post the links when I can be bothered to find them.

In the mean time, perhaps TL would like to clarify the situation. Has Trow asked for the thread to be removed in order to hide his transgressions? Or has there been a complaint about how he called the OP names at the first opportunity?
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 6.Apr.2012, 11:39 PM
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What is wrong here?

Another interesting and humorous thread has been taken away!

Bull Feathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fie on those that complained and dropped the dime.

And for what purpose??????????????

"Big Brother" is second to TheLocal now, what a shame sad.gif
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post 7.Apr.2012, 07:19 AM
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Love it, Jamtjim going off the rails when his totally false claims about me are taken down without my lifting a finger.

The poor guy rants on about my allegedly misrepresenting who I was on the title page of my biography of A.V. Dicey which I never saw until I received my four free author's copies.

I even mentioned who the editor was, and why I didn't raise the matter with his boss, Barry Rose.

The editor was Barnaby Rogerson, a most interesting fellow, and a very nice person. After Rogerson moved on from Barry Rose Legal Publishers, he and his wife became quite accomplished in writing travel books, and he has now written biographies of The Prophet and Osama bin Laden.

Think Rogerson deserves this own thread, and will supply one in due course, especially after TL's promoting the Lars Wilk's doodles about The Prophet.

Instead of saying anything about this, Jamtjim goes on about my misrepresentation of who I am in the Dicey biography disappearing with the thread this one is about when he overlooked that it is on the one I wrote, and still remains regarding my proposed seminar on the history and content of ideas about personality psychology.

Little wonder that he then changed the title of this thread twice to suit his corrupt agenda, claims most falsely that I am a fraud who uses false identities and socks, especially in the thread taken down, and that I, despite my denials, may have been responsible for its disappearance.

It was this which helped persuade me to come back to TL - i. e., the rants by Jamtjim and his supporters would lead the moderators to do on their own what I had earlier demanded.

And then he is convinced that the disappearance of my stated willingness to pay off Jimmy for an alleged bet in the hope of reducing the rants by Jamtjim is somehow ended unless he can recover the cat pooh thread through google as no one it seems will have any memory of what I wrote!

The poor guy is just a mad professor now, and he must be madder since I have no intention of playing student with the total loony.
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post 7.Apr.2012, 07:27 AM
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"The poor guy is just a mad professor now, and he must be madder since I have no intention of playing student with the total loony. "

Wow the irony of this statement is truly overwhelming.
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post 7.Apr.2012, 08:32 AM
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Trow let's be clear here:

The claim that you made a bet with Jimmy is proved by the evidence in the thread where you erm... made the bet with Jimmy.

The claim you lost the bet is proven by history... the earthquake never happened. This also disproves your claims regarding on demand earthquakes and instead proves you to be a liar.

The claim you then refused to pay the bet is proven by the evidence in the threads made subsequently to your loss where you refuse to pay up. This proves you are a welcher and a cheat.

The admission that you published a book using an assumed and fraudulent title is one you yourself made. Someone who claims qualifications they do not have are called frauds and conmen. Your admission proves you are both.

You then claim that you had nothing to do with how your own title was stated in your own book but instead was made up by your editor without you knowledge and that you couldn't do anything about it. Come on Trow, do you really expect us to believe that. If it is true, then it proves you to be spectacularly incompetent but it is not now is it true? No, a firm grip on reality proves that instead you are a liar.

The threads where you call for other people to be "muzzled" whilst demanding your right to post whatever crackpot nonsense you want proves you to be a hypocrite.

I could go on... But it is safe to say that I have shown conclusively and beyond a shadow of doubt that Trowbridge H. Ford is a liar and cheat, a welcher and a conman, a hypocrite and perhaps incompetent. All of this is proven with no more than the evidence (take note Trow - evidence is something you need if anyone is going to believe you) provided on this forum, I guess that is once and for all "case closed" on his credibility.

Trowbridge H. Ford... you're busted!

Jamtjim goes on about my misrepresentation of who I am in the Dicey biography...

I'm sure it was a Dicey biography... as least inasmuch as when the truth was concerned, very dicey indeed!

The poor guy is just a mad professor now, and he must be madder since I have no intention of playing student with the total loony.

So you're endowing me with a Professorship now? Is there no end to your utilisation of fraudulent titles? In addition, I never received your essay by the deadline of last night. As a result you get an F (for Fraud) for this assignment. The work still needs to be completed however, so I will grant you an extension until Wednesday. If you miss this deadline you will be ejected from the course.

I would still like to know what happened to the cat poo (pooh was a character in a children's book) thread though!
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post 7.Apr.2012, 08:55 AM
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The cat poo thread should have been taken off after Trow et al highjacked it, or even before when the OPs innocent enquiry got badly trashed by the usual suspects. This forum really needs a competent moderator. I only wish.
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post 7.Apr.2012, 09:12 AM
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Won't go on at length about Jamtjim's most repititious nonsense for fear that his continuing rants will result in this thread going down too.

Will only state this:

1) There was no stated agreement by Jimmy of an agreed to bet because if he had clearly proposed it - what he later claimed - I would have jumped at it, as he then claimed that it was an even bet, and I was suggested 100-1 odds to start with. I only agreed to an alleged bet so we could move on, and it still holds despite your redundant claim that I am both a welcher and cheat.
2) Just because I was wrong about a predicted earthquake has no bearing on the Pentagon's ability to create them, as ones in Turkey, Pakistan, China, off Japan. and at other times in Iran prove.
3) I just wrote books that Barry Rose Legal Publishers published. Had nothing to do with the editing of the Dicey book, even the index that Rogerson made up for it. Didn't see it in print in any way until I saw the finished product.
4) If one writes a biography of a person whose family name is Dicey, it's hard not to use it - what you make into a case against me when I was particularly interested in it because it showed what a bunch of monkeys he had made of his fellow professors by his covert dealing, both as a supporter of Parnell's Home Rule, and the leader of the UK Unionists.
5) And you have clearly feigned to be a professor yourself, apparently most falsely, by issuing assignments, deadlines, and failing grades in a most absurd way.

In sum, while you have made many false claims about me, you have not even established a reasonable basis for making almost all of them, much less proving them.

Just makes you sound more absurd - that you are now a judge. biggrin.gif

P.s. Johno is quite right about taking down the thread - what I first suggested - but he is wrong about my highjacking it. All I said was that the OP was a narcissistic creep for having started it. This proved to be most accurate, especially after he came on as a sock to denounce me - what ranter Jamtjim falsely attributed to me. laugh.gif
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post 7.Apr.2012, 09:28 AM
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For my part I though like most people that you were just a deluded old fool and to be humoured, but when you too turned on the OP of that thread I saw your nasty streak. So all respect (what there was) lost.
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post 7.Apr.2012, 09:36 AM
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This just shows that you too are part of the problem, Johno, calling for fair moderators when you too would be subject to correction.

I moderated my subsequent posts on the thread when I thought that the OP was taking offense to my original drift, and when he said he wasn't referring to me, I offered a quite comprehensive plan for his dealing with, it seems, his problems - what he thanked me for.

It was only later when he became one of his own socks at my exense that I was quite comfortable with what I had orginial said.

You, in short, are just trying to take advantage of the missing thread.
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post 7.Apr.2012, 09:39 AM
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Jesus people, get a life! Nothing better to do than arguying online or writing mile long meaningless comments?!

I know, I dont have to read it, I didnt really, I just wanted to write that you should find yourself something to do, a hobby, instead of spending so much time on a freaking forum just to talk shit!
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post 7.Apr.2012, 09:41 AM
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Trow. You can complain about my post and get it deleted, welcome. But that still means you know what I think. And you are the one milking it ! Note that some people have long memories, like I do from when you accused me of posting spam (whatever that is) as a counter to pointing out the shortcomings of one of your postings. I realised then like most on here what a waste of time it is joining in with any discussion you are part of.

Ambre (or Andre) as Trow put it. Yes, Saturday morning, much better things to do. tongue.gif
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post 7.Apr.2012, 09:42 AM
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Ambre, make some sense.

This thread is about the taking down of a most long one - one which deals with all kinds of issues which you should be concerned about

And Johno, just correcting your false account, and am certainly not going to do anything about taking it down, as it shows just what a hypocrite you are when it comes to anything about me
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post 7.Apr.2012, 06:18 PM
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QUOTE (Johno @ 7.Apr.2012, 09:55 AM) *
The cat poo thread should have been taken off after Trow et al highjacked it, or even before when the OPs innocent enquiry got badly trashed by the usual suspects. This forum ... (show full quote)

Who are the usual suspects? Those that do not agree with your point of view? tongue.gif

I agree with Jamtjim that some clarification is needed on the removal of that particular thread.

I did not read the thread shortly before it was removed. I cannot be absolutely certain that the last posts did not breach the T&C's any more than usual.

I cannot see that Trowbridges usage of the word 'narcissistic' would be a sufficient reason to delete the entire thread given the meaning of the word as used in everyday speech.

I do not agree with your assessment that the OPs 'innocent enquiry' was badly trashed.

In fact I was not sure exactly what the OPs actual enquiry or purpose was given what the OP had posted. Which is exactly the reason why I posed a question to confirm the nature of the enquiry or purpose. Given the OPs answer and given the content of what the OP had previously posted, I edited the title to more accurately reflect the issues at hand in the thread, and to create a broader discussion that would benefit the OP and other posters.

Both yourself and other posters claimed that I was insulting or attacking the OP. Yet when asked nobody was able to provide any evidence or reasoning as to how I was attacking or insulting the OP.

The OPs reasoning in the thread was that cat owners, by allowing their cats to roam outdoors without adequate supervision, were responsible for the OPs child getting sick as he had witnessed cats pooing in his yard. That cat owners who allow their cats to roam outdoors (and later Swedish attitude to excrement) represented a violation of his childs rights. That if it was not for cat poo, the OP (and therefore other parents) could allow a 1 year old child to roam freely in the back garden without risk of harm.

As provided later in the thread, whilst cats are a very common pet in Sweden, they represent a very small threat in relation to diseases transmitted by animals to humans. It was pointed out and supported by statistical evidence that birds represent a far greater risk in relation to diseases transmitted by animals to humans.

Unfortunately the lack of discussion resulted in other threats, particularly to small children who are left without adequate supervision, not being discussed. Other threats would include the risks of poisoning by plants typically found in Sweden.

People come from many different countries and what may be perceived as the most common threats to children, or what people know as threats to children in their homeland may not be commonly found in Sweden. So it is a fair discussion to have!

Two very common plants found in Sweden are snowdrops and daffodils, which are typically the first flowering plants of spring and might easily capture the attention of small children. What are the typical symptoms of snowdrop or daffodil poisoning and how much does a small child need to ingest to show symptoms?

What do you do if you discover your 1 - 3 year old with a mouthful of snowdrops?


It was assumed by some, based on very little information, that cat poo made the OPs child sick. Yet the OP never stated that he or any other adult observed the child eat cat poo. The OP never stated that medical tests provided sufficient proof that the child became sick as a result of eating cat poo. The only thing that the OP actually stated was that his child became sick and that he had observed cats pooing in his yard. How the OP knew that the child had eaten cat poo was never provided. If the child was unsupervised for any length of time it would also be unknown what else the child had put in its mouth.

The thread had the potential to provide some very valuable information to people wishing to move to Sweden with small children, or for people that start a family after moving to Sweden. It also could have provided valuable information on what is deemed reasonable parenting behaviour in Sweden.

How many posters think that there is a more serious risk of harm from cat poo than poisonous snake bite in Sweden? biggrin.gif
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post 7.Apr.2012, 06:36 PM
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Where you were concerned, from as far as we still know, having no experience of looking after a crawling/toddling child 24/7, and it needs that to appreciate the dilema, set yourself up as an expert on the subject, not making your point once, but over and over. And you still can't let it go, can you. What you have just posted is an extreme interpretation of the OPs stance. Trow doesn't know any better. Having made your point you could have shut up. The outcome resulted in totally alienating a new poster on here who deserved better.
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