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The Local _ Jobs _ Any RN's that moved to Sweden from the US

Posted by: stephanie921 2.Jan.2010, 07:18 PM

Im looking for more information because I have gotten different awnsers, so im asking for some first hand info... I know its differernt depending on your schooling, but what did you have to do to be able to work in sweden as a nurse, not a CNA. As i understand it they call cna's under nurses in Sweden.

Posted by: Puffin 2.Jan.2010, 11:40 PM

I seem to remember that you participated in a lot of threads on this subject -

if you want more specific and definite information then you should contact the National Board of Health and Welfare as they are the licencing authority for non-EU healthcare staff - however an outline of the rules of qualified nurses is here

Basically the process is the same for all non-EU nurses - there is no difference - the poster Aussie Mel fron Australia went through the licencing process for non EU nurses a couple of years agoård

Posted by: Taxalien 2.Jan.2010, 11:46 PM

If you are non EU educated, like NZ or Au, expect total utter misery and a future working in fast food.

Posted by: stephanie921 3.Jan.2010, 07:03 AM

Yes i have puffin and the reason im posting again is because i did what aussie said and contacted them and got info... basically it was going to be about a yr process after learning swedish. Now im hearing, that it takes liek 4 yrs and i have to take courses at a univeristy, where before i had read that it was more like competancy things and clinical experiences. I was wondering if things have changed.

Posted by: Sunshine73 3.Jan.2010, 09:06 AM

My friend from the UK that I talked about was a specialist nurse...In England she worked in the ICU and with a Hospice. Im not sure of her education background but she was a RN and had been a nurse for sometime before she moved here! Like 10 years or more...She took 2 classes at the university in Lund and then some course that gave her to steps to get re qualityifed in Sweden. The swedish took her 3 years to complete!

The swedish is what slowed her down. She passed SFI quickly but then there other classes were a struggle. They are lots of swedish teachers who will hold a student back because they cant speak swedish properly!! Its happened to me!! it happened to my friend. She had to go above the teachers to the administration to get all the grades she needed

The ÅÄÖ,sju, and lots of other word combos are a bitch to pronounce!

I know its a hard thing to hear but if your hubby can support for a while and you work your ass off you can do it.

I have 2 friends that learned swedish in under 6 months and got jobs right out of SFI...You might have to flip some burgers or work as a cleaning lady until you find something in your field.!

As always Good luck!


Posted by: Puffin 3.Jan.2010, 10:30 AM

There are different rules for UK nurses as they come under EU rules

For most people it is the language that is a problem - non-EU nurses require Svenska B and a special healthcare course and certain practical placements to get their licence.

If you go on a specialist course such as SFA-Vård then it is possible to do this in 1-2 years as they arrange everything as a package - it takes longer if you have to go it all yourself

It might be worth contacting local health authorities where you are thinking of moving - called Landsting - some have their own programmes of language courses and training for overseas staff to fill shortages of healthcare staff - I know some overseas doctors who did this. The only problem is that some Landstng have cut back on these programmes because of the budget effects of the credit crunch

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