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Gametalk kids harassing Swedish children over English.

post 6.Aug.2006, 12:05 PM
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QUOTE (Bishop Conkers)
I am all for this approach, far too many people are sloppy with spelling and grammar in emails and on the net, (myself included). My old English teacher would be turning in his grave; and my knuckles would be bleeding from the blows of his ruler.

Time to raise the game a notch perhaps.


If it is constructive critisism to help someone improve then I am also up-for-it, what I don't care for are situations where the original context of a topic is lost due to people complaining about spelling and grammar. There is a time and a place for critisism...
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High Priestess Kang - Slu...
post 6.Aug.2006, 01:28 PM
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This is simply too odd of a coincidence to overlook. Last night, I bought an English grammar book for hoots. I have been feeling that my grammatical skills have been softening over the past few years and a refresher course is required.

It is absolutely no secret that I cannot stand misspelling and malapropisms. I do not expect everyone to use the English language properly. I think that those of us with the mother tongue of English are really being "dumbed" down by the electronic age, however.

Is it that difficult to use spellcheck and proof read what one is writing in advance of posting or sending? I should think not.

The fact of the matter is the failure to convey a message in an articulate and cogent fashion will always make the author sound like an idiot, regardless of intellect of said author. Perhaps I am brittle?

Adults who speak English as a second language and children should not be teased for their short comings. They should be encouraged to learn proper grammar and spelling.

Those who have little regard for (in the very least) spelling or grammar should be beaten and flogged within an inch of their life. If one wants to communicate via the written medium, they should do so accordingly and not bastardize their language.
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post 7.Aug.2006, 01:54 AM
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I sort of disagree, I'm all for the preservation of the language but I don't see why we should all become pedants for the cause? We aren't writing term papers here - this is just casual chat. To sepll-check every post would be ridiculous!

If the meaning of whatever has been posted is clear then I don't think further effort needs to be applied. However, if the meaning is lost due to poor punctuation or a multitude of mis-spellings then someone should ask for a clarification of that posting. Constructive critisism aside, they shouldn't go off on a rant about the they're, their & there, I before E and whatever else they take offense at.

Another reason to ignore irregular grammar within the context of this site is that users might not be familiar with the ins and outs of the English language - it may be the case the user is reading 'Sweden's news in English' because they can't find the news in their native language?!
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Amanda Cummins
post 12.Aug.2006, 09:53 AM
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they should rise above it, and ignore them,

so what that they cant speak english - they shouldnt feel bad, they know the others cant speak swedish,
how do the kids know the others are picking on them if they cant understand english?
maybe the americans are just doing it to get a better chance of winning, but its just childs play, htere's worse things to be picked on about.
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