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Parental leave after working outside the EU

Questions about parental leave benefits

post 20.Oct.2013, 05:20 PM
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Hello - just read with interest the changes to parental leave for Swedes working in EU countries. My wife and I are working in a non-EU country and are thinking of a return to Sweden. I have seen on some posts a mention of 180 kroners per day as a minimum. Is this the amount we can expect because we work in a non-EU country? And am I right in assuming it will be taxed? Asa non-Swede, am I entitled to any parental leave? Any information would be appreciated as we try to figure out finances.

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post 20.Oct.2013, 06:32 PM
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Yes, for non-EU workers that become resident it would be the minimum 180:-/d that counts, and both parents of the child are entitled to their parental leave. There is a proposal to reduce the amount of entitlement for children over a certain age, but as far as I remember that has not been proposed nor passed by parliament yet. Only 1 parent can take leave at a time, you cannot both be home at the same time, unless you have more than 1 child and both are at home and you claim against 1 child each!. Remember, that also includes weekends, so you need to make sure when registering parent days to either include or exclude weekends, as that can stretch out the time to a longer period.
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