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Raising children with discipline

post 13.Nov.2006, 04:14 AM
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We've just come out of a pretty smooth period with our boy, but the weekend just gone was a bit of a nightmare, and we can see some of the reasons why it went screwy.

A recent fourth birthday resulted in lots of good times and presents, staggered over a few days, and we've all been in pretty good health.

But...there is a comedown from all the birthday stuff. A bit of ill health entered the household, and we had a garage sale on the weekend where we sold some of his things (his other "favourites" have all ready been shipped ahead to Sweden), the apartment is getting barer every day, and a four-year-old can't quite be expected to understand the immensity of the coming move. So, the behaviour changes, and we get frustrated, and have to remind ourselves how old he is, trying to keep it cool, keep explaining things, reminding him of certain "boundaries", but also being careful to choose our battles.

I just hope the poor fella keeps it together a little bit longer, long enough for us to get to Mormor and Morfar...
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Bishop Conkers
post 13.Nov.2006, 11:13 AM
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He is four.. so lots of hugs and cuddles should do the trick there...

As for being a perfect understanding parent.. well.. I try but sometimes things just come out from my own occasionally violent upbringing..

For example, we were eating in a restuarant on friday evening and for the one millionth time I had to tell my 9 year old daughter not to chew with her mouth open/talk with food in her mouth.. I was getting sick of telling her over and over again and then the following just burst out of my mouth:

So she was shocked/quiet and subdued for an hour or two... and she knows as much as anyone else on our table that I would never lift a finger against her.

If you are convincing with your threats, you'll never have to carry them out.

Bish <-- Scared myself as much as my daughter..
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post 13.Nov.2006, 11:20 AM
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Oh, f**k man. That must've crushed you.

I know I've been on the verge of saying things similar (though not quite as harsh). I've actually caught myself slamming a hand over my mouth before I say something stupid, and my eyes telling the story for my wife.
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