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Tisus test, Stockholm

who did the test recently?

post 11.Jul.2018, 10:08 AM
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I would like to do that TISUS test in case I will need to take some courses in the swedish university. I do have some swedish language knowledge, but I am mostly self learnt and was thinking to take a course for preparation to TISUS, but can't find any...

I was wondering if someone can share their experience and how did you guys prepare for this test?

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post 11.Jul.2018, 12:00 PM
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I did the TISUS test in May 2018 and was "godkänd". As you probably are aware, the test has three sections:

- Läsförståelse
- Skriftlig färdighet
- Muntlig färdighet

You can find example tests on the TISUS website. I have lived in Sweden for 7 years so felt comfortable with the reading and oral components. The reading test can be challenging as you need to be efficient with time. With the "sökläsning", you basically just scan for keywords in the text.

With the oral test, you have to express an opinion while discussing a topic in a group of 3 people. Basically, what I do at fika.

The most challenging for me was the "skriftlig färdighet". I needed help with this so I found a TISUS-preparation course at Folkuniversitetet in Malmö: "Förberedande kurs inför TISUS". I wrote an essay a week (sometimes two) and had it graded by a teacher. It's not a high quality course and the teacher didn't seem enthusiastic about grading my essays haha biggrin.gif But as long as you are motivated, it pays off.

Good luck!
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post 12.Jul.2018, 08:40 AM
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QUOTE (vosovicd @ 11.Jul.2018, 12:00 PM) *
I did the TISUS test in May 2018 and was "godkänd". As you probably are aware, the test has three sections:- Läsförståelse - Skriftlig färdighet - Muntlig färd ... (show full quote)

Wow, same here, I have lived in Sweden for abt 6 years, but still the writing part is challenging...
I will contact Folkuniveristet, seems like a good way to prepare.
Thanks a lot, I hope I will make it smile.gif
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