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The Local _ Miscellaneous _ Reunion - old friend - best place to advertise

Posted by: HughT2 25.Nov.2016, 05:15 AM


I want to try and post an add in a Swedish newspaper seeking an old friend. Trouble is I only know her first name! So it will be a long - bow but I would like to try. I am unsure which paper to try - I emailed one in Sweden but got no response

In Australia , newspapers have sections like "Reunions" or "Seeking old friend" Where people will write for example. "we knew each other in 1991-92 in Sydney when we both worked at x, seeking to re-establish contact."

Do these exist in Sweden newspapers? What are they called, any any papers that you know that have them? Or is there an online forum

Many thanks Hugh, Sydney Australia

Posted by: yet another brit 25.Nov.2016, 01:45 PM

If you know her age (at a guess, similar to yours, eh?) and where she lives then it is not impossible to find someone via services like ratsit ... or at least narrow down.

Unless she is called "Anna Svensson" and lives in Stockholm, of course.

Posted by: HughT2 26.Nov.2016, 12:14 AM

thanks Ill have a look at that website

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