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The Local _ Finance _ Getting a private Loan

Posted by: silva 29.Sep.2018, 11:12 AM

Hello my friends!

I have another question regarding banking this time about Private loans.I'm in the process for buying a house.already discussed with a bank and I need to find 15% from the loan amount as cash.I'm in a bit hurry for moving out from the rental apartment so I was thinking about getting a private loan from another bank and fulfill the 15% requirement.
The bank I choose for this I*A banken.but I need to know one thing before I apply online.

The question, Is it possible to pay more into the loan account whenever I wanted and reduce the loan amount.for ex- lets say I borrowed 100,000SEK for 5 years and the monthly installment will be 1900SEK.Now I want to pay 3000SEK or more every month.Does this allowed by the bank?


Posted by: john.boy 1.Oct.2018, 05:48 AM

Check with the mortgage lender that they will still be open to offering a mortgage when you have an existing debt (the 15% you want to borrow).

Posted by: wondering_again 1.Oct.2018, 10:31 AM

Yes you can pay the loan faster but this is better to be negotiated with the original bank you will take the loan from. Otherwise the first bank can deny your mortgage as you now have new loans and it is a blanco lån and it affects your credit.

Posted by: silva 2.Oct.2018, 07:43 AM

Thank you guys, for the information.

Posted by: Caulfieldjr 28.Jan.2019, 01:19 PM

I'm looking into applying for a private loan, however I'm still puzzled about the 'UC' - how bad is it to get several registered "look-ups"? I've been but don't get if its OK to apply for offers from 4-5 different lenders without getting any punishment.

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