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New SVT law: why should I pay?

And how to avoid TV fees

post 5.Apr.2013, 07:31 PM
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QUOTE (oddsock @ 5.Apr.2013, 01:35 PM) *
SVT is really bad when you don't understand Swedish. When you learn Swedish, you will discover that SVT is even worse than you first thought.Interesting article in the pap ... (show full quote)

Yes, but it will probably take the authourities years before they react and do something about it (if ever). I suppose Radiotjänst is just trying to extort as much money as possible before that happens.
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post 5.Apr.2013, 09:50 PM
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The point of Public Broadcasting is that the Authorities should not do something about it ... it is supposed to be free from Government interference. biggrin.gif ...Mind You, ex-politicians do sit on the board of that and SVT etc...

Radiotjänst was saved by the Socialists angry.gif The proposal was raised last year to change it so it was part of general taxation (or rather a specific named charge on the declaration). S party and some others opposed the measure, partly because the people working in Kiruna would lose their jobs since Radiotjänst would not be needed (it is a waste of space) and partly because they are fools ... Oops! I mean an election is coming soon wink.gif ...since the already are hinting at Tax increases if they win the election ...Grrrr, yet more irrisponsible spending of our hard earned money... they couldn't also be supporting job losses!
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