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Christmas in Stockholm

post 5.Dec.2005, 01:39 AM
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QUOTE (Jason)
Alright - Sippan...I just have to say that I bought a bottle of that stuff at the store the other day. I had never tried it before...and...I wish I had kept it that way


Some of the most disgusting stuff I have ever tried to drink since Pepsi Blue

What in the heck is in that stuff??? Did they make it with sill?

Apparently, it was created as an attempt to create a non-alcoholic beer, and only a select few know what's actually in it. It only has one manufacturer, and that manufacturer then ships some kind of Must concentrate to other companies who add stuff to it, bottle it and sell it to the stores. Or so I've heard.

I guess it's an acquired taste =)
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post 5.Dec.2005, 07:27 AM
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If you get a chance to go to the Christmas Market in Skansen, GO GO GO! It was AMAZING! I was able to find the sweetest Christmas gifts with a much more 'traditional' bend to them to send to my family back in the States. And we got an assortment of the food goodies... AND there was an awesome spice booth that had all the essentials (and essences!... including a vanilla one!) Swedish Christmas spices. Including, but not limited to, vanilla beans, saffron, glögg essences and about a hundred others... and the sausages... and the cheeses... and the candies... oh my! And they even had stalls where they were making the more traditional foods right there! They had the glass blowing shop and all open. The kids loved it even if it was a bit crowded.

I have yet to try any of the other markets except the one in downtown Stockholm right next to TGIFridays... and if you get a chance, go there and get some of that glögg from the end booth there. I HATE glögg, but that stuff is a cup of heaven... 2 bottles for 100:- and worth 3 times as much. Even the KIDS liked it. They had 2 kinds. One geared towards kids, and one towards adults. They were both yummy, just the kids one was sweeter... and they were flavored with cranberries among other things.

I will tell you, though. Saturday + Stockholm = HOLY CHIT! If you have issues with crowds like I do... plan to go on a weekday!
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post 5.Dec.2005, 08:32 AM
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If you go to Skansen for their julmarknad and you are interested in the cultural side of Sweden past...make sure you go early and see the buildings that are open. (they close at 3pm)
Skansen is primarily an open-air museum and the buildings they have there have been brought from all parts of Sweden for preservation.

At Christmas they do up the houses/farms/businesses in the way they would have been decorated at Christmas for the location and time era they represent. The people in the houses will tell you all about how the family would have celebrated xmas and how. There are also muscicians playing traditional xmas tunes with traditional instruments like the key harp.

I've gone 4-5 times (differnt years) and learned tons about xmas traditions around Sweden. Some of it has even explained current traditions. Then after 3 you can shop til you drop.
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