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How to start ICT Business in Sweden

How should I start?

post 19.Mar.2012, 07:45 PM
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Hi, I am 43 years IT consultant, I have over 20 years of experience in ICT industry, within Middle East.
I only speak English and Arabic, and poor Spanish sad.gif
I am thinking to move to Sweden and start a new life/business.
May I ask: How would I start in Sweden?
Some lawyers told me to start my own business in Sweden.
I think I should search for work, till I have a Swedish Experience and language.
Can any one tell me where/ how to look for jobs?

I hope you share me thoughts and reviews and your advice and experience will be highly appreciated
Thank you all
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post 19.Mar.2012, 09:45 PM
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Attached my CV, I wish ICT Specialist would evaluate my Experience and advice ma based on my experience
Thank you all

Professional Summary:
Over 19 years of experience in top multinational IT sector’s companies like XEROX & Masters Technology, Directed employees and consultants to maintain a high-level of service by the IT departments, Focused on developing concrete solutions in good collaboration with all the other actors of the business and its partners.
Seeking a managerial position where I can utilize my technical, managerial and administrative skills, experience in Project Management, Telecommunication and Information Technology to be a part of a multinational professional business environment.

Area of competences
• Large scale IT project management, Coordination of multi-profile and multilingual teams.
• Definition and implementation of the IT strategy, including budgeting.
• Optimization of the infrastructure & software applications needed by the business to operate.
• Analysis and redefinition of the business processes.

Employment History

Chief Information Officer 06/2008−Present
Masters Technology, Egypt.

• Directed computing and information technology strategic plans, policies, programs, and schedules for business and finance data processing, computer services, network communications, and management information services to accomplish corporate goals and objectives.
• Directed the information and data integrity of the company and its business units.
• Developed strategic plans and implement the objectives of the information technology needs of the company to ensure the computer capabilities are responsive to the needs of the company's growth and objectives.
• Developed and establish operating policies and approaches for computing and information technology.
• Advising senior management on strategic systems conversions and integrations in support of business goals and objectives.
• Preparing enterprise objectives and budgets to facilitate the orderly and efficient capture, storage, processing, and dissemination of information.
• Reviewing and approving major contracts for computing and information technology services and equipment.
• Ensured the security of the information systems, communication lines, and equipment.
• Oversee the development, design, and implementation of new applications and changes to existing computer systems and software packages.
• Established company infrastructure to support and guide individual divisions/departments/sites in computing and information technology efforts.
• Establishing and implementing short- and long-range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.
• Managed the DSL and broadband Installation projects, and infrastructure.
• Directed more than 30,000 ADSL, Customer’s ADSL installation team, VPN structure, VoIP solutions, and integration, projects and projects team.
• Responsible for the Telecom Egypt sites, NOC, Infrastructure core, bandwidth utilization and connectivity management.
• Directed ADSL customer’s Support Team, Pre-sales Team, and Integration Team.
• Comply with policies and strictly adhere to it.
• Emphasize the importance of team work & maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect among the staff.
• Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Senior Project Manager 06/2005-06/2008
Masters Technology, Egypt.

• Seeking ways to apply technology to business processes.
• Consulted with program/project management to develop appropriate technical solutions.
• Advise on options, risks, costs vs. benefits, impact on other business processes and system priorities
• Meeting with clients to determine define requirements.
• Working with clients to define the scope of a project.
• Planning timescales and the resources needed.
• Clarifying a client's system specifications, understanding their work practices and the nature of their business.
• Traveling to customer sites, Liaising with staff at all levels of a client organization.
• Defining software, hardware and network requirements;
• Analyzing IT requirements within companies and giving objective advice on the use of IT.
• Developing agreed solutions and implementing new systems.
• Presenting solutions in written or oral reports.
• Helping clients with change-management activities.
• Purchasing systems where appropriate.
• Designing, testing, installing and monitoring new systems.
• Preparing documentation and presenting progress reports to customers.
• Organizing training for users and other consultants.
• Being involved in sales and support and, where appropriate, maintaining contact with client organizations.
• Identifying potential clients and building and maintaining contacts.
• Analyze IT requirements within companies and give independent and objective advice on the use of IT
• Provide specialist support and back-up to professionals within client companies.
• Advice on strategic planning and operational efficiency may run facilities for clients.
• Design, develop and test new systems, train staff in new systems.

Project Manager 09/2002−06/2005
Masters Technology, Egypt.

Enlarge their products and attain highest achievements by enlarging their customer base, improve customer’s service and strengthening the relationship to ensure loyalty and continuity.
To achieve that I assisted IT sales, support and integration teams, orient, train and provide them the full support to reach our goals throughout the following responsibilities:

• Directed and managed project development from beginning to end.
• Defined project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders.
• Estimated the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals.
• Draft and submit budget proposals, and recommend subsequent budget changes where necessary.
• Negotiated with other department managers for the acquisition of required personnel from within the company.
• Determined the need for additional staff and/or consultants and make the appropriate recruitments if necessary during project cycle.
• Coached, motivated and supervised project team members and contractors, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.
• Built, developed, and grew any business relationships vital to the success of the project.
• Managed company’s projects team.
• Managed all projects activities for DSL infrastructure all over 250 TE Centrals with more 100000 client’s ports installation.
• Created and executed project work plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.
• Identified resources needed and assigns individual responsibilities.
• Managed day-to-day operational aspects of the project and scope.
• Effectively applied our methodology and enforces project standards.
• Prepared for engagement reviews and quality assurance procedures.

IT Specialist 01/1997−09/2002
Xerox Egypt SAE, Egypt.

• Managed organization technologies, provide support and training, analyzing systems and processes; maintaining workstations and networks; and designing, developing and maintaining Web-based applications.
• Planed, directed, controlled and evaluated the operations of information systems and electronic data processing (EDP).
• Developed and implemented policies and procedures for electronic data processing and computer systems operations and development.
• Met with managers to discuss system requirements, specifications, costs and timelines.
• Hired and managed information systems personnel and contractors to design, develop, implement, operate and administer computer and telecommunications software, networks and information systems.

Senior IT Network Engineer 12/1995–12/1997
Xerox Egypt SAE, Egypt.

• Managed Team Lead for the administration and maintenance of Xerox’s infrastructure for both WAN and LAN as directed by IT Managers.

Service Engineer 02/1992–12/1995
Xerox Egypt SAE, Egypt.

• Performed the technical support, software support, implementing solutions, customer's support, handling and service of the company products such as: network High volume printers, High volume Copiers products, drawing machines and Plotters machines in Xerox Company.

Skill Profile:

• Technology: CCNA, CCNP, Microsoft’s MCP, Microsoft MCSE ,N+, A+, C++, Network concepts, HTTP, SMTP, POP, FTP, DNS ,Client/Server Architecture, End-User Support, Equipment Routing, Field Support, Hardware configuration, Inventory Control, Multi-User Interface, Network Connectivity Management, Network Design, Network Planning and Optimization, New and Emerging Technologies, System Integration, Systems Administration, Migration, Testing, Troubleshooting, User Training and Support, Local / Wide Area Network (LAN, WAN)

• Quality: Problem Solving Technique, Customer First., LTQ (Leadership Through Quality)., Customer handling and customer's loyalty Guarantee.

• Other: Contract Negotiation, Customer Service, Forecasting, Vendor Relations, Surveying, Networking, Purchasing, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Warehousing Tools, Staffing, Research, Troubleshooting, Team leadership, Training, Network Installation, Quality Control, Desk Top Support, Disaster Recovery, End User Support, Development, Business Process Optimization, Wireless Communications

Key skills, competencies and personal features
• Excellence mindset striving to exceed expectations. I Advocate teamwork, quality and delegation to build winning profitable companies.
• Strong leadership, team building and motivational skills developed through working on many project-based tasks. Ability to prospect and analyze different projects needs and accordingly implementing the appropriate action plans needed.
• Self motivated and always accept challenges as they help to explore myself and learn more about my personal capabilities. Hard worker to achieve the company targets. Very good communicator with team members and other departments.
• Awarded the President Club Award presented by Xerox Egypt (one week trip to the UK). Ranked #1 Engineer for eight years on my team. An outgoing sociable person who likes to deal with a variety of people from different business fields and from different cultures.
• Target achiever and result oriented. Good negotiation and communication skills. Responsible personality with ability to work hard and under pressure.


B. Sc. of Electronic Engineering, Telecomm Dept. Menoufeya University.
MCSE, OUDA, 1997
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post 20.Mar.2012, 01:19 AM
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QUOTE (Elmahmoudy @ 19.Mar.2012, 07:45 PM) *
Can any one tell me where/ how to look for jobs?
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post 20.Mar.2012, 08:11 AM
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QUOTE (Elmahmoudy @ 19.Mar.2012, 08:45 PM) *
• Awarded the President Club Award presented by Xerox Egypt (one week trip to the UK). Ranked #1 Engineer for eight years on my team.

Classy, does a future employer really need to know you got a free holiday for being chief a$$ kisser?
Ranked No1. on your team of 2?

It's meaningless drivel, better to expand your single line of education to look a bit more meaningful.
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post 20.Mar.2012, 09:05 AM
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There is a big difference between coming to Sweden to start a business and coming to Sweden as an employee with Job offer.

To seek residency to start a business, You would have to show that You can not only fund the start-up but also Yourself and family (if coming with You) for a minimum of 2 years. Your business plan needs to show You can achieve profitability enough to support yourself and your family during a probationary period (I think it is 2 years?) plus You also have to show You have previous experience in running Your own business! (dont remember seeing that on Your CV?). And apart from Your business plan, You also need to provide proof that You have enough funds available, excluding the expected business revenues) to support Yourself and any family members coming with You, for a minimum of 2 years. So, for You that is around 200.000 SEK, plus additional for family eg. You+wife+2 kids = approx 400.000 SEK available now!.

Your CV tends towards the infrastructure side of things, in My opinion it looks more like telecommunications, internet service provider or outsourcing partner material, rather than what I would expect from a CIO level, where the objective tends more nowadays to outsourcing core infrastructure technologies, and focus more on Business Processes and Supporting tools to meet business objectives eg. ERP Systems, Supply Chain planning, Sales and Operations Management, Financial processes and systems etc...

If You are looking for that kind of work, aim towards the larger outsourcing partners, HP, Telecomputing, IBM, Fujitsu ... ot telecom, Telia Sonera, Tele 2, 3 etc...

By the way ... at certain points, especially during the 1st section of Your CV I got the impression that You didnt write it!, many of the bullet points came across as selections from drop downs in a CV writing program, or taken from the internet where they list key skills/experience required for certain positions, and not actually things You have been responsible for, or achieved. Only towards the end did it become more human like ... and skip that about the UK trip!

All the Best in Your search smile.gif
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post 20.Mar.2012, 11:48 AM
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About starting your own business in Sweden:
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post 20.Mar.2012, 07:07 PM
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@ FURU, Thank you for your comments, support

@ QUEEN S , Many thankx for your assist

@ SKOGSBO, no comments for the first part, and I will consider your 2nd part.

@YORKSHIREMAN, many thanks for your time, comments and reply,
I did not mention that I own Masters Technology, for many reasons, the most important reason, is that I am looking f or a new job worldwide..and this is the CV I post it, and many employers do not prefer to hire a formerly business owner

you start light my way and many things you said is very helpful, concerning the fund, I can manage it, but, really what is mystery for me is: What t start? I do not know what kind or sort of business to start? being from different culture is very difficult,

huh.gif huh.gif My single line of Education, it is 20 years ago, I was in Faculty of Electronic Engineering, and Also, with grade: very good, the 1st repeated to my department (250 Students) and in Xerox we were ( 33 Engineers ) not TWO as SKOGSBO Said.
anyway, thank you all specially YORKSHIREMAN
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