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The Local _ International affairs _ Time for the EU declare war on IS?

Posted by: Renfeh Hguh 15.Jul.2016, 07:44 AM

For the first time, I think Trumpy has the right idea, wanting congress to declare war on IS

It's time that the EU nations all start looking at doing the same thing.

For pussy countries like Sweden, declaring war does not have to involve "boots on the ground" but it should allow each country to lock up indefinitely any IS sympathisers whether they are citizens or refugees and treat them as prisoners of war under the Geneve convention.

The EU under the state of war should allow the secret services of all countries a free hand to use any means possible to find sympathisers.

It's also time for the EU & US to fully recognise who the real enemy is in Syria and work with Russia and Assad to destroy IS militarily.

It's time to accept that attacks like Paris, Brussels and now Nice are going to happen again and again whether we do nothing or if we go to war.

Personally I think IS sympathisers should be parachuted into IS controlled areas just before it's hit by airstrikes.

Of course Swedes like our Kari will think it can all be solved by hugs and talking to the IS sympathisers.

Posted by: Mib 15.Jul.2016, 03:38 PM

Trump is not the answer as HE links terrorism to all Muslims. That's like linking ALL Americans as gun touting mad people mass murderers, because some white guys go and kill 22 young children at a school or at a cinema in the US. In fact, I've read that the American muslims have integrated into society better than in most other Western countries.

Remember, a lot of this started with the invasion of Iraq which left a big black hole after the troops left. They won the battle, but definitely not the war. But, now you're getting lone wolves who via social media are being brainwashed very quickly. So, how do we deal with that? That is the challenge. While the NSA plunder billions of peoples data (wasting a lot of time and illegal), the likes of ISIS have been very adept at using social media to get their sick messages across. You'll find that ISIS targets people with criminal records as they are easiest to convince, but most of them are not Muslims. They drink, they smoke, they enjoy a normal life like most people. They have found Islam for Dummies books in Iraq/Syria after troops have recliamed ISIS held areas. Stop focusing on Muslims!! Focus on the messages of hate from speakers, social media accounts and INVEST huge amounts of money and time to promote positive social media messages to counter the hate.

There is no easy answer, other than invest more in targetted intelligence, education, positive messages, which use INTELLIGENCE and laws that fight against hatred that incites violence etc.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 15.Jul.2016, 03:52 PM

Islam does not belong in Christian Europe, Just ask Charles Martel...

Posted by: Renfeh Hguh 15.Jul.2016, 05:48 PM

QUOTE (Mib @ 15.Jul.2016, 04:38 PM) *
Trump is not the answer as HE links terrorism to all Muslims.

He's a complete moron, but I think he has a point about declaring war...

You are right that it started with the Iraq war, but not the 2nd with junior, but the 1st with senior Bushy. If Maggie was still in charge, she would have made senior finish the job. Instead they did a half arsed job, leaving troops in Saudi, pissing of Bin Laden which lead to the start of the 21st centuries terror problem.

QUOTE (Mib @ 15.Jul.2016, 04:38 PM) *
INVEST huge amounts of money and time to promote positive social media messages to counter the hate.

That might slow down recruitment but won't help with those who are already radicalised

There has to be zero tolerance for any one preaching hate... lock them up in isolation and throw away the key

Posted by: Hisingen 15.Jul.2016, 10:53 PM

Maybe we need a resurrection of the olden day Crusaders ? ? ? Richard the something or other perhaps, but without that olden day weaponry.

Just a thought. Can't remember my history all that well.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 16.Jul.2016, 01:34 AM

We had Islam in Spain, eastern/southern Europe, etc...

It just does not work...East is East and West is West and it is better to leave it that way...

Give Constantinople back to Christianity!!!

Posted by: Bsmith 16.Jul.2016, 02:40 AM

France certainly has a history of welcoming more Muslims into its borders than many other European countries. Look how well that is working out.

Those who say that American Muslims have integrated so well are ignoring the fact that Muslims are such a minority in the US that they have to lay low for fear of reprisal. It the population of Muslims were to increase, I'm certain there would be more terrorist attacks here. Islam's values run counter to those of the West.

Not saying all Muslims are bad. They are people and, as such, are good and bad like anyone else. However, their religion is bad. It is an intolerant, violent and backward religion that will never integrate peacefully into Western society. Either Islam will be stamped out in the West or Western society will cease to exist. Those are the only two options.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 16.Jul.2016, 04:45 AM

The option that offers the best solution is: "round em up" and send them back!!!

Posted by: Gjeebes 16.Jul.2016, 09:01 AM

"However, their religion is bad."

Thing is, its not just religious Islam, it is also political Islam. Can't have one without the other. It's one single package.

THAT is the problem in and of itself, which, when combined with the decadent Western refusal to acknowledge this very fact (in the name of militant political correctness), will only take us down a road we don't generally want to go down.

I post it again here, since hardly anyone seemed to have noticed it the first time:

Well underway, regardless of the surge in fanatics of late. Islam will use Western laws to further the cause of Islam. That's how it works!!

Posted by: Hisingen 16.Jul.2016, 10:20 AM

And before you know it we are all under shia-rule.

Where are the Richards of today I wonder?

Posted by: Model T Ford 16.Jul.2016, 03:56 PM

The big problem with declaring war on such an unfocused adversary as ISIS is how and when do you declare peace? It could likely reappear.

And you should brush up on your history of the Crusades, as Richard left the Holy Land in great disarray after he just recaptured Jaffa from Saladin.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 16.Jul.2016, 04:57 PM

It is Godfrey of Bouillon that we want back...He is the only one that got the job done!!!

Posted by: Hisingen 16.Jul.2016, 05:37 PM

Middle Ages history was never my strongpoint.

Godfrey eh?
Was his battle cry 'Oh my God-Free at last'? Or was that the cry of his supporters - or even the other way round.

Posted by: Model T Ford 16.Jul.2016, 07:40 PM

Godfrey of Bouillon was a most nasty piece of work, promising to avenge every drop of Christ's blood with that of the Jews, and the two terrified Jewish communities where he presided offering up 500 pieces of silver to avoid any such butchering, only for him to explain that he had no such persecution in mind after he had been paid off.

And Godfrey was just getting started.

Sounds just like Gamla's type of Crusader.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 18.Jul.2016, 03:29 AM

He breached the walls/defenses of Jerusalem and delivered the city to it's rightful owner...The Pope!!!

Posted by: Hisingen 18.Jul.2016, 10:05 AM

That is a funny way to spell people!!


Posted by: Mzungu 18.Jul.2016, 03:04 PM

Nuke them...

*finished and klar*

Posted by: Model T Ford 18.Jul.2016, 03:11 PM

Godfrey is just Gamla's ideal Crusader.

He slew every Muslim and Jew in capturing Jerusalem until the blood in the streets was up to one's waist.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 18.Jul.2016, 04:26 PM

Where do you think the words/expression, collateral damage came from???

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