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Is impossible to find a qualified job here?

My GF doesn't find a job

post 17.Nov.2017, 11:55 AM
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QUOTE (StuntUya @ 14.Nov.2017, 07:32 AM) *
but logic starts to seem a bit unfulfilling once you've seen a person's limb regrown in front of your own eyes.

Better lay off the shrooms, dude.
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post 17.Nov.2017, 12:09 PM
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QUOTE (Cheeseroller @ 17.Nov.2017, 09:46 AM) *
Personally, as an employer, if someone was over qualified but willing to do the job, I'd give them serious consideration. What I want are people with the willingness to sh ... (show full quote)

In theory this is true, and how it should be.

I too would prefer to hire an overqualified person. They will be no real need to micro manage, and, I would trust that they are "qualified" enough to be able to make sensible decisions.

But the reality of it all, many Swedish companies, oversee the qualified candidates, for stupid reasons such as they may have access to a broad network, or as it continues to rise, nepotism...
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post 20.Nov.2017, 08:39 PM
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QUOTE (Svedallas @ 17.Nov.2017, 01:09 PM) *
I would trust that they are "qualified" enough to be able to make sensible decisions.

And smile gladly if they challenged your direction, team leadership, and way of working that you had no intention of changing because you were originally looking for someone that fit the role and team, not over-qualified for it rolleyes.gif Then leaves once they find a better role more suited to them, or get bored, or feel they are not used to their full potential because you never intended them to be there in the first place.
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post 16.Oct.2020, 07:40 PM
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Sorry to realise there are more educated people struggling with getting a decent job. Hopefully, you made a good choice and the issue is no longer actual.

Sweden is good for Swedes and so should it be. I do understand that the society is trapped in the image of an open, diverse, socially-responsible land that is projected worldwide. Once foreigners come and try to settle there, the bubble bursts quickly as realisation comes that there is no place and use for them in a small society with a lot of prejudice towards newcomers. Flexibility and adaptation is tough and nobody wants to loose their true identity. This country is a paradox.
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