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Bringing Car/Motorbike to Sweden and Licenses

Robin Southwells
post 4.Nov.2005, 12:07 AM
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I have been offered a job with Ikea in sweden and in considering whether to take it or not have been wondering about what to move with us and what to dispose of and replace in sweden, to this end I have the following questions :-

1. what is the situation with bringing vehicles with us to sweden? I have a car and motorbike I am not sure what to do with. Will I have to register them as Swedish? what restrictions are there? how soon do I have to do it?

2. Am I correct in my belief that my UK license is good for Sweden? is it time limited? will I have to exchange it for a swedish equivalent?

3. What about insurance? are costs comparable to uk?

I am looking forward to the challenge of life in sweden, and hope we will not find it quite as hard as other folks who have posted to the site. We have holidayed in the area we plan to move to (Almhult) for the past 5 years (sometimes as many as 4 or 5 times in year), and have made a few friends already. There is also an english school - which has places for the children(despite being only a small town) as it is Ikea headquarters and has a fair few foreign workers. Also Ikea's business language is English so I should not have many challenges from that angle (although I am keen to learn Swedish - did some evening classes in the UK). Renting out the house here seems to be the big challenge at the moment, we have a house lined up to rent. and finding a job for my wife, although I am sure she will find something either in the english school (being a teaching assistant ) or in Ikea


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Ezpen The Caveman
post 4.Nov.2005, 12:32 AM
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1. I think you can keep your car unregistered for at least 2 years... and during these years there is no custom-toll... The toll comes after 2 years if you decide to keep bike/car..
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post 4.Nov.2005, 11:18 AM
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I think this is only applied to a new car and not to an old one but I could be wrong. But the older cars can have a hard time to pass the car test. Because I think it apply to your car too that you need to test it every year here. I know the driver licens is good for atleast a year.
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