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Desperate need for work, Please help

Englishman in Stockholm

post 28.Jan.2013, 01:35 AM
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Sounds like you have a typical Swede woman trying to wear the trousers. Get out pal why you can. Make good use of the situation.
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post 2.Feb.2013, 03:48 PM
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Good afternoon everyone if anyone has any kitchen job in mind please email me AntonyaCusabasoglou@gmail.com I speak English,Greek and Spanish. And I also do have experience in kitchen I'm a cook. Thank u in advance.
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post 3.Feb.2013, 01:23 PM
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Oh gosh!

What happened? This is a terrible thing for her to do but... I can't believe she would be so upset about your inability to find work. It could be something else that is causing her to give you such an ultimatum. Are you a proactive person? Do you go about things while looking? Like small personal projects etc.

I doubt she made good on her promise, I can't imagine she would and to be honest, I bet something else is bothering her. Have an honest chat with her and find out what's up!
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post 3.Feb.2013, 01:27 PM
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QUOTE (AntonyaC @ 2.Feb.2013, 03:48 PM) *
Good afternoon everyone if anyone has any kitchen job in mind please email me AntonyaCusabasoglou@gmail.com I speak English,Greek and Spanish. And I also do have experience in ... (show full quote)

Hi, Give the Bagpipers Inn (Rörstrandsgatan) a call. They have vacancies now and then.

Good luck
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post 13.Jun.2013, 11:15 AM
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Sorry it took so long but I thought I would update this quickly as some of you seemed genuinely interested :-)

Within the deadline I was given I managed to find 3 jobs by harassing every company in stockholm in pure desperation:

1. A dish washer working hours
2. A web skilled office grunt
3. An eBusiness consultant

I ended up giving the first two up as option 3 is more my skill set and allows me to also form my own company and take on external clients as well as my day job.

I think the only reason I didnt find a job before now is not through lack of trying but becoase once this threat was laid down I had nothing to loss and could harass random companies without risk of endangering my future prospects. For those in a similar situation Ive outlined a brief run down of how i found my jobs (none of which where advertised) but I really do suggest only trying this if you have no other option left.

1. Sit down and work out EVER possible job you could do with your skills, mine included everything from unskilled work to work related to scuba diving.

2. Write a different and targeted CV + cover letter for ever single one of the jobs you worked out you can do.

3. Search Eniro's business pages for companies that hire people doing those jobs and either make a database of those companies or just work through the list.
(personally I wrote a script to rip the info from the site and uploaded it into excel so I could be sure not to contact the same company more than one and track my progress)

4. Email every single one of them. I contacted over 4000 companies in the first 3 days.

Other notes.
- If you know how to use mail merge try to personalise the emails a bit for each recipient.
- If you are specifically skilled in one area and have experience then make sure to do a normal application for each business in that area, the general kinda stuff: look up the company in detail, find out the email/contact and name for the hiring manager, write a new fully personalised cover letter and CV for that company.
- Make sure to ONLY mail companies that you actually have a chance of getting a job with, e.g. if your not a doctor don't bother writing off to apply as a doctor, Duh.
- Make sure to still continue applying for jobs normally via linkedin, simplyhired.se or which ever website you use.
- Try phoning companies which have specific positions you are skilled and experienced for, if you can set up an informal meeting then thats half the battle won should they have a job open up in the future.
- You may find a few people that feel sorry for you and give more suggestions of where to find jobs from your mass mail, Be polite and friendly and listen to there advice.

I would not suggest doing this unless you have no other choice left to you though as it may piss off business owners and could ruin your chances of getting a job with that company when one comes up.

As for me and my girlfriend, We are now getting on well again and things are getting back to normal, I think she was also in a winter depression which doubled up the loathing of me not working etc but now, our relationship is stronger than ever.

Thank you very much for all of the help and suggestions offered and sorry if this reply was a little to long or some believe it to be useless/spammy. Ill be happy to help if i can so please feel free to PM me.
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Shadi M
post 12.Dec.2013, 08:13 PM
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A nice and smart man this OP, he came to ask for finding a job help, he ended up helping others with ideas how to make it easier, he got some good help but most focused on destroying his relationship with his generous and patient girlfriend.

Yes women are snakes huh.gif I agree with all the men on earth, but they have their own ways of encouraging their men to become better which the man can't do it alone.

You can sense that she is a good girl when he said she told him: "find a job earning around 15k sek a month or more." she asked for the minimum!
By giving him an ultimatum she just shocked him to wake up and became better because she knew he is better & smarter than he was that time, as he showed he even couldn't learn the basic Swedish in 8 months.
She meant goO, don't get frustrated, don't get depressed, don't stay at home, get any salary I'll support the most with my money ...etc

Do you know that if a person stay at home for long time, his first interview will be a disaster? his self confidence will be.. maybe there will be no self confidence at all.

If I were this girl and saw your replies, I will sue you and kick his butt out of the home that night biggrin.gif I told you they are snakes.

Anyway ... I don't know why Sweden don't have enough jobs, I can't understand why!!!
You guys don't have enough buildings to make offices? as the lack of accommodation you have too?

Are you an unproductive people there? or you are not educated or not developed enough to find new projects, more companies which make more job offers and lead for more competition that refreshes the markets and produce many cheaper offers, don't you want more success and more wealth?

Are you guys poor so you can't save money or afford new projects?

Do you want your kids to immigrate in the future to survive or wait till the government find them homes and jobs?
When the population increasing in future, does the government can support you the same as now? or you all gonna work in IKEA then?

Don't you fear that the government will explode one day from the high pressures they have and migrate outside the country xd just kidding

I know your are well educated people and modern, and can do more better than what I can expect.

And the ones who can't find a job, is it a shame in Sweden if you ask for a job as a volunteer till you get more skills/experience and more language skills "if you were an immigrant" ? or this is something unusual in the EU brains?

Why don't you try Internet Marketing, become a blogger, get more profit with your spare time so you will not need any job if you succeeded. It is easy to learn IM, only from YouTube.

I don't know what happening to you guys!! Good luck.
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post 14.Dec.2013, 12:52 AM
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QUOTE (Shadi M @ 12.Dec.2013, 08:13 PM) *
A nice and smart man this OP, he came to ask for finding a job help, he ended up helping others with ideas how to make it easier, he got some good help but most focused on des ... (show full quote)

You are posting from Asia slagging off people in a country that you probably have no idea about. Just F off
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Shadi M
post 14.Dec.2013, 03:48 AM
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Take it easy man, you are right but Why there are no JOBS in Sweden?
We are almost in 2014.
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