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UK Resident looking to move to Sweden

Just a few of the normal questions

post 15.Dec.2012, 08:33 PM
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QUOTE (ahm @ 12.Dec.2012, 02:38 PM) *
WOW , it went worst cause thats price for EU ,,,Also, If Sweden joined Euro ,nothing will be good it will be the most worst . Im against EURO .EURO is the last stone for the d ... (show full quote)

I am A British Citizen yes, I have lived here since Birth...

Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it, to any of you wondering my reasons for moving its partly for a fresh start, not that my life here is bad but I would like to do my own thing for a while and get some world experience while I am at it, would I live in Sweden for the rest of my days? Who Knows? I might not like it, some of you have painted a grim picture but on the other hand I may love it and not want life to be any other way and Partly because of just pure interest for the country.

At the moment I cannot speak Swedish unfortunately, I am learning the basics and will be enrolling on a course after the New Year, hopefully with this bit of knowledge I can head out and my time spent in Sweden visiting will help me become a bit more fluent with the language.

So from what I have read the first thing on my agenda should I choose to try and settle down after visiting should be, 1) learning the language and 2) procuring a Personnummer, does this sound right to anyone?

Thanks again.

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post 15.Dec.2012, 08:41 PM
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Also, what good Town's or City's are good for Expats? Do the wages differ in comparison to say Stockholm?

I was hoping to move to one of the two bigger Cities but realise I may be better off starting somewhere small as my knowledge of the country and language builds.

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post 15.Dec.2012, 11:14 PM
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Hi ,
This is the first time I have posted here for maybe 2 years after being a regular poster.
Still look at the site from time to time but feel real sad .
Listen mate the only place you will find work is in Stockholm , forget other cities this is the main one ,it is cosmopolitan and has opportunities possibly ??
Sweden is definitely a beautiful country ,that is beyond any doubt and the people are fabulous but alas the dream is difficult to achieve .
Work is very ,very hard to find and exists mainly in the large cities ,get a job sorted out first .
You can go and stay for 3 months to look ,you can get a personal number once you find a job ,sorry but absolutely no-one on this site knows the true figure of of sufficient funds , only the immigration decides .
I did 2 years of solid homework before moving to Sweden ,bought a house and now it remains alone ,sad and after all the love and passion ,making good friends ,becoming part of a community ,it stands alone ,rotting ,all my personal stuff still there ,.My story is in all my previous posts ,not bitter just shattered , remember meeting so many Swedes on Ryannair flights living and working in London ,loving it ,with no problems the UK as it is far more embracing of a European ideal than the Swedish authorities will ever even know ,reciprocation , is a word they do not understand !
E11 healthcard is still a mystery there whereas much poorer countries in the EU accept it .

Want a great job mate ,try the cruise lines !!,
No borders ,new frontiers !
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post 16.Dec.2012, 01:38 AM
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Sorry to hear that Essjay, I have thought about the cruise ships before but to be honest I am put off from a few close friends of mine that have worked on them and really had tough times, as much as I would like to see the world, the thought of building a new life and meeting new people that I will see weekly is more appealing to me.

E11 Healthcard? Would you mind shining a bit of light on this subject please?

Also, why are Jobs so hard to find? People say that about the UK too but I have never had any trouble whatsoever, have been in solid employment for nearly 8 years now, never had a gap, even switched careers twice (Left Hairdressing to become and Pro Golfer and then switched back as I didn't have the dedication) so I couldn't agree less with the general consensus of the UK Job shortages... Not that people are wrong, I must have just been very lucky.

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post 17.Dec.2012, 09:25 PM
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Hey, the EHIC card is the replacement for the former E111 form which provides health insurance for European Union nationals within Europe. You can read more about it here: http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabr...t-the-ehic.aspx

Note that there have been some scams circulating around this card. It is always free...do not pay for it.

As to why it is hard to get work...well you're not at the top of the pecking order because you're not Swedish! But there's definitely a hierarchy of immigrants in Sweden and the British seem to be up near the top, so it's worth piling on the English charm smile.gif I have a job and I love it, but it's not directly aligned to my field, and I got it through sheer dumb luck. Network, network, network.
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post 19.Dec.2012, 11:12 PM
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QUOTE (Essjay @ 15.Dec.2012, 10:14 PM) *
Hi ,This is the first time I have posted here for maybe 2 years after being a regular poster.Still look at the site from time to time but feel real sad .Listen mate the only p ... (show full quote)

Stockholm is big city yes, capital city yes, big difference between it and others with jobs yes slightly But all cities are same , they require swedish , the whole system is swedish. even English jobs require fluent swedish one. I surprised that in their hospitals , they are not giveing you any medicaments against "virus infections" whether it your throat or chest cause'' they dont let virus to learn from anti-biotics'' ,even if you had bad fever for 3 days , so for virus , go and rest , but for bacteria they will give anti-biotics ! and other medicaments . My friends told me that , they surprised for that cause before a decade they are allowed to have injection and other antibiotics for virus infections ,,isit new political rule !!!!
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post 20.Dec.2012, 05:07 PM
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QUOTE (ahm @ 19.Dec.2012, 11:12 PM) *
I surprised that in their hospitals , they are not giveing you any medicaments against "virus infections" whether it your throat or chest cause'' they dont l ... (show full quote)

Antibiotics do not work againts viruses, only bacteria. The more you use them, the bigger the resistance you build up, which makes it harder to treat infections you contract that you REALLY need antibiotics for.
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