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Child support obligations of Swedish father?

Mother destitute in Cambodia

post 21.Jan.2016, 03:51 AM
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Hello "Locals"

I am an Australian doctor working in Cambodia and am trying to assist a patient here. Seems a common situation but need some guidance on how Sweden views these issues

Situation: She is married (in Sweden) to a Swedish man (official registered ceremony) A baby was born here in Cambodia. The Swedish father (now back in Sweden) acknowledges that it is his baby but refuses to pay any child support to the mother in Cambodia. Mother and baby are destitute and have no money for food or essentials. This is how they ended up in our clinic.

Can anybody tell me if Swedish laws on Child Support apply here? In other words, is the Cambodian mother able to seek an order that would compel the father/ husband to pay child support.

I have advised her that she should seek advice at the Swedish Embassy here in Cambodia but any suggestions of guidance would help me to give her better advice on how to proceed.

Grateful for any help that Forum members can offer.


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post 21.Jan.2016, 02:00 PM
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He has to pay child support until the child is 18 years old, by law. You should contact the embassy.
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