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Job market conditions in UK

Wanna relocate from Sweden to UK

post 10.Jan.2013, 11:48 AM
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Well, you need a credit card for all kinds of things you wouldn't believe. Airplane tickets is one due to all those problems with banktrupcies. However theres a workaround.You can get a "prepaid" credit card say from Moneybookers/Skrill that works exactly like a "real" Mastercard. Move money in for your purchase, keep a little balance there, and if someone nicks it. Oh well. Can't be rung up.

I don't remember if they offered a GBP card, but I remember you had to choose dollar/euro. Anyways, I've had one for years and used it without a hitch.

To the job market - I've got my phone ringing like mad. And I'm not even actively "looking". Java coders seem to be the hottest shit at the moment. If you are a coder I might have some pointers.
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