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It's your turn next Sweden

The end to free labour abuse.

post 13.Feb.2013, 05:04 PM
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QUOTE (Great Scott @ 13.Feb.2013, 04:09 PM) *
Looks like I am banging my head against a wall here. How can she be a teacher if she does not have the appropriate teaching qualifications, she is only qualified in geology.

never said she did, certianly less than 2 years ago the UK was so desperate for science based teachers, they were paying a tax free £6000 incentive bonus to anybody who took it up. She could do the PGCE, Cert Ed or Teaching Assistant route into teaching, depending what would work best for he. As someone with a degree not dissimilar to hers and Cert Ed myself, I have a fair idea of what her employment options are.

QUOTE (Great Scott @ 13.Feb.2013, 04:09 PM) *
And here’s the list for lorry drivers within 20 miles of Nottingham. I can clearly see there are hundreds of jobs in this sector.

yes, and there will be dozens of agencies too, because it's insecure times, but either way they'll still get a wage, plus why only 20miles is anything beyond not worth the effort?

QUOTE (Great Scott @ 13.Feb.2013, 04:09 PM) *
It was Poundland and not Poundstretcher by the way.

like it matters? it still Pounds!!

QUOTE (Great Scott @ 13.Feb.2013, 04:09 PM) *
But seriously do you think someone wants to work for £56.25 a week under this loony scheme, if there were other jobs available that paid more.

if there were other jobs why didn't they take them and quit all this moaning and tales of woe?

QUOTE (Great Scott @ 13.Feb.2013, 04:09 PM) *
“The bankers did not make her do a degree” of course not, they created the unemployment that was bought on by the Credit crunch.

The bankers fuelled the vast majority of the wests/UKs greed for cheap credit, the governments allowed them to operate unregulated for about 10-15 years. Did you ever hear the governement or bank of england complaining in the boom years, no, because it suited them. The government was too busy borrowing extra money themselves, they were hardly going to tell the public to calm down with their over spending!!

QUOTE (Great Scott @ 13.Feb.2013, 04:09 PM) *
Instead of picking on a few individuals that have done you no harm, trying focusing on the greed of companies that are taking tax payers money for doing nothing and tax evader ... (show full quote)

Just the same companies that probably sponsored the labour government, it suits business to stick close to those who fund and regulate it. A few individuals, you any idea how big the welfare budget is in the UK now? It's the biggest single expense the government has. It dwarfs all other departments.

G Scott, I suspect we won't agree, I grew up in Tony Blair's constituency for a while, but still saw through the labour bull$hit, I took my lead off my family, you work and graft for what you want in life, and it will pay you back in kind. If everything goes wrong in my life, and my investments or insurance policies can't help me enough, then at least I knew I've paid my dues in taxes all my life and tried everything possible, before turning cap in hand to somebody else, even then I think I'll suffer a bit more first, because of personal pride.

QUOTE (Svensksmith @ 13.Feb.2013, 04:22 PM) *
When I lived in Sweden, my Swedish was not evolved enough to work in my chosen field of teaching...so I worked for a moving company. If you want to eat, you gotta work.

But, some people have no pride and have no shame in asking for money, despite being too lazy to try all the options first.
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post 13.Feb.2013, 06:03 PM
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"But, some people have no pride and have no shame in asking for money, despite being too lazy to try all the options first. "

I figure each person is responsible to haul their own freight. Once in awhile, due to misfortune, a person may need some help. That's where charity comes in. However, the Bible tells us that when our wagon gets stuck in the mud, God is much more likely to assist the man who gets out to push than the man who merely raises his hands to the sky. I think charity should work the same way.
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post 13.Feb.2013, 06:46 PM
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I have to say that I agree with many on this thread.

In her position I would have accepted my role in the job offered. Though I have never been unemployed for long, I've always been happy to take any job that came along. I've been working from a very very young age (first with my mother, waking up at 5 in the mornings on holidays, and then on my own two legs when I was old enough.) I've worked in every type of job imaginable, from shop work, to factory work, to cleaning with chemicals that made my eyes water, to basic engineering work, all before my first day of university. As far as I am concerned there is no shame in being a hard worker.

If she had come from my background, where switching the heating on or running a bath would lead to a family argument over money, I think she would be more likely to roll up her socks and get on with it.

This is a step backward as far as I am concerned. Though making her work full time for only 56 pounds a week is a little harsh- I think 200 pounds a week is the going rate for a full timer in a basic job, for someone her age.

I think this idea is a good one, if you are offered work for a reasonable amount of money, by the government then you should take it on the understanding that you will need flexibility and help with finding other work. But I feel that this girl would still have thrown her toys from her pram had she been given such an offer... Maybe I am just being pessimistic.

And yes, I do realise that her museum work must have been important to her but if she were actually offered a reasonable job offer, then I think turning it down is beyond reason but that's my personal opinion. I guess I am partially on the fence with this one, I agree with the idea behind the scheme but not with the low pay.
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