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The Local _ Norrland _ Primary school at Lulea - challenges for non Swede

Posted by: Guest 11.Jun.2019, 09:21 AM

We are moving from India to Lulea at the end of July this year with our 3 children. Our eldest is 8 and youngest will be 5 soon. Their current medium of education is English. We would like to enroll them in a Swedish school to ensure they integrate well but were concerned about their first few months where they will not be fluent in Swedish. We will be starting Swedish language classes for them hopefully by next week.
There used to be a process of Valkomsten which seems to have been shelved. In the absence of that I was wondering if there is any new process or concept that has been introduced? Also, if there are any families which moved here recently from abroad and enrolled in primary school in Lulea would you mind sharing any tips or experience?
I understand that children will pick up the language quickly and will settle faster than us. However, I would like to do whatever possible in my abilities or control to reduce the stress they will undergo as part of this move and not just leave it to chance.
Any advice or tips in this regard would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!!

Posted by: [email protected] 13.Dec.2019, 12:13 PM

Hi, How did the move go? How are the children settling in?
We are looking at doing a similar move and I was wondering how things went for you?

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