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Marriage vs Civil Union in Sweden
What are the differences?
6 Irre 10,285 23.Aug.2014
By: *belleshun0…*
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Pros and cons of raising children in Sweden
Comparing this country to, say, Australia  * 123» 11
164 Newk1 80,089 12.Aug.2014
By: Opalnera
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My ex won't let me travel with my son!
She is free to travel but I'm not?!  * 12
22 Nico2819 15,148 2.Aug.2014
By: Hisingen
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Ex-wife got remarried
What are the implications for my daughter?
2 *Parker69* 4,821 2.Aug.2014
By: LLHope
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Having kids, but not married?
Do you see any disadvantage?  * 12
18 swedenflx 9,988 19.Jul.2014
By: ChocOwl
No New Posts 2 Pasha13 7,633 16.Jul.2014
By: magg
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Maternity Pay Entitlement
Question about partner's eligibility
1 *Jarvice79* 2,728 13.Jul.2014
By: ChocOwl
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School admission on 6 month visa
Is personal number requied?
2 Chek1981 2,550 1.Jul.2014
By: Chek1981
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International custody case Us vs Sweden
Neither kids born in Sweden/ married in the US/
13 Lola2014 7,168 8.Jun.2014
By: Lola2014
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What is Foraldrapenning
How should apply
2 mike222 3,286 8.May.2014
By: ChocOwl
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Non-residents marriage. Time crunch!
Hindersprovning, any suggestions?
14 blueberry.… 9,054 13.Apr.2014
By: *Briony111*
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Moving back to England
Any recommendations on a moving firm
6 yorkie red… 3,571 25.Mar.2014
By: Tolgochka
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Spouse visa application for Work Permit Holder
Can Non-permanent WP Holder apply online for Spous
10 local_in_o… 13,108 16.Jan.2014
By: friendonly…
No New Posts 0 bayog 1,487 16.Jan.2014
By: bayog
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Free Card for Health care
Health care for Pregnant Wife and Child
3 ali.ahmed 4,647 10.Jan.2014
By: annie1
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i am going to get some payment
any support for me
0 Jagas umeh 2,330 26.Dec.2013
By: Jagas umeh
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Family spouse immigration
Non eu spouse permit
0 Tosar14159… 2,326 17.Dec.2013
By: Tosar14159…
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Registering a marriage in Sweden
in case I am not in the country
4 samsam2 12,871 3.Dec.2013
By: Pursuivant
No New Posts 7 sapiens 8,605 29.Oct.2013
By: AgeOfReaso…
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Parental leave after working outside the EU
Questions about parental leave benefits
1 *19mort76* 2,447 20.Oct.2013
By: AgeOfReaso…
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In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) in Sweden
Any experience? What are the costs?  * 12
17 Bra_billie… 25,646 18.Oct.2013
By: SheilaZ
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Certificate of No Impediment / Hindersprovning
Getting married in Sweden for foreigners
5 anjela81 7,347 9.Oct.2013
By: Opalnera
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Seeking family lawyer
To help with split custody
4 Claudster 4,990 25.Sep.2013
By: *kinggo68*
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Do Swedish men have tiny testicles
Ivor has been studying them  * 12
18 Ivor steph… 7,787 11.Sep.2013
By: Model T Fo…
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Found Out That I May Have A Child in Sweden
American Father, Swedish Mother
7 *Rob1994* 5,739 9.Sep.2013
By: olga118
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Seeking a family / communication consultant
We urgently need a specialist in Stockholm
2 orangetree 4,921 9.Sep.2013
By: AgeOfReaso…
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Medical check and treatment abroad
With swe citizenship
1 mishutkas 2,372 28.Aug.2013
By: Kibiri
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IVF Clinics in Gothenburg
IVF Cost & Experience
2 *georgedebe…* 6,743 22.Aug.2013
By: Amber Dawn
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Desperate for a job
Willing to do anything
1 Emmax90 3,097 22.Aug.2013
By: anjela81
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Residence Permit Due to Pregnancy
Application for Priority Processing
9 princessmi… 23,023 15.Aug.2013
By: axiom
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