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pregnancy without personal number

it seems so expensive, is there a way out?

post 4.Sep.2016, 08:42 AM
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Hi everybody,

I just joined the forum and have an urgent question. I am a post doc in Lund, arrived Sweden last week. My position ends in 31 August of the next year. At the moment we are expecting for my wife to join me, but she still didn’t receive her residence permit (weird as ours was a joint application. I received mine 20 days ago, she still didn’t receive). Anyway our plan was that she would join me as soon as she gets her permit and we are expecting the permit soon. Now, last week we learned that she is pregnant. Although this is wonderful news, it also creates lots of complications. My position and my permit ends in 31 August 2017. We still didn’t receive her permit but I think it is reasonable to expect that hers will also end in 31 August, which would mean that she won’t get a personal number. I applied for my personal number last week but having read couple of threads I understand that my personal number would not help, right?

Now I am trying to figure out my options and none of them sounds promising. One option would be having an international insurance which will also cover the pregnancy and the birth. My initial (and superficial) research shows that insurance companies in Turkey include pregnancy to the insurance only if the insurance is made before the pregnancy. Does anybody know if she can get an insurance in Sweden for this end? The second option is having the birth at Turkey rather than Sweden, but as you can imagine this is something that I don’t want. I can’t go to Turkey and I don’t want to be away from her for the whole process. Having the birth in Sweden without any insurance and social security is the third option but I understand that it is very expensive. I can allocate 15-20 thousand SEK for this but I came to understand that it would cost way above this. A fourth option that I am considering (out of desperation) is to have the birth in a country where expenses are more reasonable and our 20.000 SEK would be enough. But is there such a country in Europe? And I also understand birth giving is a long process and it is not only about the final phase of the operation. I mean I thought maybe she can have routine controls in Sweden and we can move to that cheap country two months before the birth in order to have the birth. But this doesn’t sound reasonable either. I don’t know if there is such a cheap country in Europe at all and then there can be complications in the birth, the baby can come early and even if everything goes normal I think it would be better to have the birth at the institution you had your controls and etc.

So does anyone have a fifth option?
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