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post 6.Jun.2013, 12:13 PM
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I'm thinking about starting a clothing line just like this one and plan to sell t-shirts, caps and sweaters. It's really difficult in Sweden to get access to information and what one needs to know due to the language. How do I find manufacturers in Sweden. The software development part, I can handle myself. I just want to know how to get manufacturers to make and print my designs on the shirts.

Thanks in advance.
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post 9.Jun.2013, 11:33 AM
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Hi Coldjava,

Good and a creative initiative. I had a same plan few years back but couldn't start due to some limitations like finance, time, study focus, etc. I still have some good outsourcing channels with all technical expertise to start such online shop. First of all, information is not so hard to find out to start such company. Building website would be easier/cheaper if you have some basic web-building tools experience. Now a days you can buy readymade templates like Joomla and make your own website. For online payment transaction you can make contracts with companies like Payson, Klarna, etc. Payson seems to be OK but you will get many if you google. When you are asking manufacturer in Sweden, I would assume that you are going to source your t-shirt from Sweden ? Have you thought about price class for your products ? Do you have any design/fashion industry background ? As you already know, this branch is pretty competitive so to be sutainable in the market you need to have a wide experience, strong plan, good financial backup for establishment...

I could write here whole day with my backyard research ideas so it would be good if you have any specific question, please write me in PM and I would be delighted to answer. Many Thanks ! Cheers !
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post 9.Jun.2013, 12:44 PM
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Klarna have recently launched a new product "Klarna checkout" which appears to offer credit card, internet banking and invoice payments all in one solution which looks to be ideal for the Swedish market. I use Paypal express checkout myself at the moment but I will probably migrate to Klarna checkout in the Autumn when I do a website re-design.

Have a look at the free opensource Presta shop website software it takes Klarna checkout as an easy plug in.

For Sweden specific info on e commerce take a look at the eHandel website and forum.

Take a look at T shirt for lots of useful info on the T shirt business it's mainly US focused but there is a section of the forum which is region specific to Europe where you might get some info on local suppliers.

Depending on the type of designs you are going to produce it might be wiser to invest your money in a printer so you can produce short runs or one-offs yourself as you test the market as you could very easily end up with your money tied up in a lot of dead stock when you have to purchase minimum runs in a variety of sizes and styles that end up not selling as well as you had hoped.

If your money is in a printer then at least the printer will retain a better re-sale value than finished t shirts with designs that nobody wants.

My own preference would be for something like the Roland VersaStudio 20" BN-20 Desktop Inkjet Printer/Cutter it can also be used for standard sign making so it gives you another sales outlet in parallel.

You may have a sign shop close to you with this type of machine so as a first step you could look at doing a deal for them to print the transfers for you and so you will only have to invest in a heat press and a stock of blank Tees and Sweats to begin with.
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post 13.Jun.2013, 03:34 PM
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Thank you for the inputs!

local_in_overseas, I will be in touch soon.
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post 17.Dec.2017, 09:48 PM
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Shopify for the web platform and online payemnts using dropship. There are Shopify apps which you can link to your Shopify site to accpet orders under your brand, while the dropshipping compnaies fulfil the orders. It's a good way to get start your business without the big upfront costs. Also, have a look for t-shirt business groups on FB. The hard part is getting noticed amongst the competition. Good luck!
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