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What to do with these American electronics?

Electronics in Sweden

post 6.Apr.2011, 04:04 PM
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My apologize, i did not read him.
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post 6.Apr.2011, 04:08 PM
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Yes, the US has 220v circuits. Welders, ovens, electric clothes dryers and some other big appliances require them. They are not 3 phase. That is uncommon in a residence. My uncle brought 3 phase into his little machine shop as he had a 3 phase mill, lathe, etc.

I just used an existing circuit in the garage that was for a welder and replaced the male plug of my Swedish extension cord reel so I could use all my Swedish tools. My wife had some Swedish aestitician (hell if I know how to spell that one!) equipment that required 220, so I joined 2 110v circuits together to create special outlet for her stuff in her downstairs workroom.

So far, no fires!
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post 1.Oct.2014, 11:24 AM
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Calculate the wattage of your appliances and add 10% more in that and search that on ebay search terms
transformer 220 to 110v amp rating ... i am sure there will be a lot of .
please dont forget to use the O/L protection with that to prevent any damages ,in case of any short .
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