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Health Insurance for Students

Requirements for personnummer

post 3.Sep.2016, 08:47 PM
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The matter has been resolved, I got my personnummer in the mail two days after applying for it.

The health insurance I used was Manulife student CoverMe insurance, in combination with OHIP.

Let me stress that the insurance is not as comprehensive as you fine people think it has to be, it definitely isnt BUPA level of care.

So yeah, just putting it out there for all you xenophobic people, another foreigner has landed in Sweden.
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post 5.Sep.2016, 09:22 AM
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you miss the point completely of what people were trying to explain to you.

in order to live in sweden you needed insurance otherwise you would have to leave after 3 months since the right of residence requires comprehensive insurance.

since you had proper insurance that was accepted by skatteverket you fill the requirements to live legally in sweden while you study.

The fact that you refused to understand the law that these people explained to you doesnt make them xenophobic.

If you would have ignored the problem of insurance you would have not lived legally after 3 months and in case shit happened the medical bill would have been huuuge.

The insurance requirements are the ones set by the tax office not by people on this forum. You got lucky that that worked since so many others had a problem.

Now that you found something that is actually accepted by the tax office be happy that you managed to do it and you tricked the system in getting a free education.

good that you posted the name since otherwise will know what they can use.
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post 8.Feb.2017, 02:26 AM
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I have exactly the same problem! I applied for a masters program in Sweden, so hopefully if I get accepted I'll be starting my studies next summer.

I am a EU citizen (Netherlands) however I've never lived in the Netherlands before so I cannot apply for a European Insurance Card or an S1 or any of those papers, so my only hope is a comprehensive private health insurance that complies with the criteria mentioned in the skatteverket (covers at least 1 year of your stay, with a value of at least 10 million SEK or pay for your homeward journey, and that it doesn't have any exemption clauses that mean it does not cover necessary medical care).

I was wondering if anybody has solved this and what private health care insurance is recommended so I can get my holy personnummer.
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post 11.Feb.2017, 07:47 PM
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QUOTE (AnnaDvdH @ 8.Feb.2017, 02:26 AM) *
I have exactly the same problem! I applied for a masters program in Sweden, so hopefully if I get accepted I'll be starting my studies next summer. I am a EU citizen ( ... (show full quote)

I'm in a similar position! I'm a British citizen, but due to work have lived outside the EU (in Switzerland) for the last 9 years, so have no right to an EIHC at the moment other than via my Swiss health insurance, which I won't be able to keep once I'm no longer resident. All being well, I'll be moving to Sweden to study in august this year, and will need health insurance to be able to ensure my right to stay. If anyone has found any good health plans they've found to be accepted by Skatteverket I'd be really interested in hearing them.

My other work-around is that I pretend that I've moved back to live with my parents, who are still UK residents to regain access to the UK systems, but I'd prefer to do things without playing the system if I can. I'll also be considering Sweden to be my permanent home, not just during term time, as I'll be transferring my life from Switzerland to Sweden completely!
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