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The Local _ Stockholm _ Additional shared bank account

Posted by: artemk0 13.Feb.2019, 09:16 AM

Hi there!

Maybe my question seems silly, but I don't really know how the banks are working in general and especially in Sweden, so would be glad for any comments, even though it could seem like something I should not care about.

So me and my wife are having personal bank accounts in SEB where we get our salaries.

We've decided to open a shared bank account to just transfer each month money from both of us and use it for savings and every day expenses.
It is possible to open such account in SEB and in other banks as well (Nordea).
I am curious, is it matter for the future things like getting a loan for example to open such account in the same bank or not?

I would like to open it in Nordea for the following reasons:
1. It makes sense to me to keep some money in a different place, just for the sake of not putting all the apples into same basket.
2. I would really like to use Apply Pay which Nordea provides.

So what do you think?

Posted by: Uncle Fred 13.Feb.2019, 12:34 PM

My advice is stay far away from Nordea. I banked with then for 15 years. Service is very unprofessional. A few months ago I went into Nordea with a check which was a road tax refund. The cashier took and held my driving licence then questioned me about how much money I have transferred from the UK, do I have any political alliance's, was my farther in the army, for all to hear. I felt like I was being interrogated, and this was the third time it has happened. I know banks are required by law to ask questions, but not in public. To add, Nordea have moved to Finland to avoid tax.
I have changed to Handelsbanken, very good.

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